Tuesday, March 20, 2012

UEL: Athletico Bilbao 2-1 Man United

Man United Crashes Out

A sad night for Man United and its followers. Man United was dumped out from Europe League by brilliant Athletico Bilbao. Actually  I did not watch the game. Was so tired and unable to wake up at 2.00 for the game. But I did wake up at 4.00am when Man City just started their game. The when got the info that Man United had just lost 1-2 and 3-5 on aggregate I decided to continue with my sleep. In the same time hoping that Man City will win.

But much to my despair that when I found in the morning that Man City also crashed out from the Europa League. Well I was hoping that Man City would win as this could keep them busy until the end of the season. I really love to see them advance into the final. With extra five games in the Europe games plus another 10 games domestically this sure tired them all. Man United surely could benefit from this as the Red Devils will have more rest. But like Mancini said that they could not let Man United crashed alone.

So cannot really commented on this game as I did not watch it. I also have the chance the watch the recorded game yet. Man United miserable Europe campaign now had put to an end. Now Man United are facing the possibility the season without silverware.

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