Friday, March 23, 2012

Battle For Supremacy

The title is now surely landed at Manchester. It just the matter which colour of Mancunian. After trailing for a long period Man United came above the Citizen after 28 match played. Man United 2-0 wins over West Brom coupled with Man City shocked loss to Swansea on 11 March 2012 send the red half of Manchester to top of table.

Then on the 29th match Man United played their game first and recorded big win against Wolves. The 5-0 win gave the psychological advantage to Man United where Sir Alex Ferguson quickly used his mind games against Mancini side. Man City was to face the resurgent Chelski two days after that. All hoping that the Blues would take points from the game. However Samir Nasri stoppage time goal gave Man City the wins. Man United lead cut to just a point.

Now Man United will face Fulham at home. It should be another routine game for the Red Devils where all three points are expected. However this time Man City will play their 30th game first. They will have tricky trip to face Stoke City. At Brittania Stoke City is very hard to crack. The fans were very vocal behind the team. They cheered every minutes of it to push their team. Relatively Brittania is a small stadium with about 28,000 people but they created a lot of noise.  They lost only four games at home compared eight on the road. At Brittania they beat Liverpool and Tottenham  while Chelski and Man United only managed a point there.

If Man City beat Stoke temporarily they at top with two points ahead. Man United will reclaim the top post if they beat Fulham 48 hours later. The league becoming more thrilling.

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