Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pogba Parts With Devils

It was sad to see a player of great potential like Pogba decided to leave. Ferguson already tried his best to extent using Evra and Ferdinand to coax the young Frenchman. I did not blame him but I put his agent as the factor. Ferguson always made his displeasure known regarding the negative influence some agents had in players. Me too. I believed the agents only thinking about money. And what else because that is what they do for living. Usually they had the final said as player left all the decision regarding contracts to the agent. Actually they are the third force in sport industry nowadays. Well Pini Zahavi and Kia Joorabchian will not be called super agents for nothing.

Well kinda sad as it was second Man United prodigy that left after Morrison. Though the rebel Morrison left was much to relief, it was still sad to see a player that been nurtured to be the Man United next star no longer at Old Trafford. It hurt more when Pogba decided to leave. He had brighter future at Old Trafford compare to Morrison. He and Cleverley could rule the premier league and Europe from the midfield like Xavi and Iniesta been doing. The best midfield pair in the world.

But he let his agent control his mind and decision. He should know that there is a system in Man United payroll. It also had salary ceiling that prevent over extravaganza salary been paid to any players. This is to create harmony among stars at Old Trafford. This also why Man United is among club that managing its financial very well.

So he just 18 and very eager to play and also eager to earn more money. All the best.

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