Thursday, March 29, 2012

Penang Bridge: No Toll Hikes Until 2038

I used the Penang Bridge almost everyday. Staying at mainland while helping my wife family business that operated in the island forcing me, my wife and my son Adam to commute through this Penang iconic landmark. Quite tense using the bridge as little accident incurred would create long hours jam. Bumper to bumper sometimes snarl up that push your patience over the limit. But I’m quite used to it now. Atleast the three lanes offered  smoother traffic compared to the old two lane for one way.

The traffic was heavy this morning amazingly as there were no accidents or broke downs been reported. My eyes gazed to second bridge that under construction. My mind suddenly started asking about the toll going to be charge. As far as remember that the toll would be the same as the first but the second one is going to  be longer. Also there was issue regarding the toll hike claimed by the first bridge operator. Now is RM7.00 however for Penangites who used touch n go   only charged with RM5.60.

Arrived at office quickly I Google about it. Alhamdullillah. Very glad with what I found in the internet. Please read it below.

Car toll for Penang Bridge2 set at $3
By Andrea Filmer
11 March 2012

GEORGE TOWN, Malaysia - Car toll for the Second Penang Bridge has been set at RM7 (S$3), said Jambatan Kedua Sdn Bhd managing director Datuk Dr Ismail Mohamed Taib.

"Tolls will match those of the first Penang Bridge. We want it to be lower, but if we are lower, the first bridge management will complain and sue for compensation.

"The first Penang Bridge was supposed to increase (the car toll) to over RM9, so we were ready to follow them.
"However, now they have confirmed that they are staying at RM7, so we will also charge the same," he said after witnessing Treasury secretary-general Tan Sri Dr Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah cast the second bridge's 292nd and final pier marking the end of foundation works.

Asked how long the RM7 toll would remain, he said at least until 2038.

It was first announced in June 2010 that car toll for the first Penang bridge would be hiked from RM7 to RM9.40 in 2013.

In November last year, it was reported that the concession period for the Penang bridge had been extended to Dec 31, 2038 in exchange for a freeze on toll hikes.

On the progress of the Second Penang Bridge, Dr Ismail said works were 73% completed with some 3.5% ahead of schedule.

If all proceeded well, he added, the bridge could be completed two months ahead of the September 2013 target.

Upon completion, the Second Penang Bridge will be 24km long 10.5km longer than the first bridge which will make it the longest bridge in South-East Asia.

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