Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More My Adam Harith

Adam Harith

Adam Harith & Syifa - Cousin

Suka betul dengan stering

Ready nak drive

No camera please

Nani - Adam Harith's cousin

On secret mission

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Adam Harith

This is my son Adam Harith. The photo taken in January 2008 few hours after he was brought into this world. Now he is 10 month old. Very active and gaining more weight. Time travel very fast.

Abah sayang Adam

Monday, November 10, 2008

Arsenal 2 Manchester United 1

8 November 2008

I would blog about this game earlier if MU won. It was a good game actually. End to end football that keeps me yelling and jumping. I was hoping no early goal and but seem to be denied when MU was awarded with indirect free kick after Almunia collected Silvestre’s back pass. Initial shot was actually blocked by always on the run Ji Sung Park, and then the rebound fell at Carrick’s feet which saw his shot went wide. And if Ji Sung Park had any touch on the ball I bet the ball will end up at the behind of Gunner’s net. Then in 22nd minute the Gunners strike. From a free kick MU was unable to clear the ball saw Berbatov half clearance meet Nasri who with a goal at his back, on the turn leashed power shot toward MU goal. With the help of MU skipper shin the ball deflected to the net. 1-0. Still hoping the MU could mount the fightback. Ji Sung Park made a great run. Past a defender than cut inside and leashed a stiff grounder. But Almunia strong hand palmed the ball away to safe direction. I am always afraid the inside 10 minutes after interval. This is a crucial period and my fear came to reality when Gunners score. A dummy run by Wellcot took Ferdinand and Vidic with him. This left a big gap for Nasri to finish Febregas pass. 2-0. MU should reply soon after that. But Ronaldo failed to find the net from Ji Sung Park cross. Rafael goal seems too late for MU to salvage at least a point from that game.

Quite disappointed with MU defeat. In that game Febregas almost lost his authority in the midfield. He had been toyed with Anderson skill and Ronaldo pace. But like other team, Gunners had put five midfielders to contain MU attacks. Bendtner was the lone striker supported by Nasri and Welcot on both flank. MU with the preferred 4-4-2 formation. Rooney the main striker with Berbatov drop a little bit deeper as the second.

Hey still a lot games to go. MU had failed to win all the big four games but after this the second round all games will at Old Trafford.

So Glory Glory Man United

Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Entry

Never thought that create a blog is so easy. So I welcome myself to blogosphere. Sure I will write a lot especially about Manchester United and hmmm what else. Ok about MUFC and anything else.

Anyway I was so happy as such I had no idea what to write. See the leapt of joy by my favourite player Ryan Giggs. That was what I felt.
I'll be back....