Friday, May 25, 2012

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12 January 2012 - Wangsa Maju To Pasir Gudang

I was not so sure about this trip. It was more to fact finding regarding about future business venture. So I was mulling about the idea  of adding a 350 kilometers journey down to south from Kuala Lumpur. Another four hours drive that could drain me out. My wife gave her reasons why we should go. It took all night to made the call.

Next morning, my wife look at me like begging to know the answer. I just kept quite that said 'let have our breakfast but pack our things also.'

My wife smile knowing that I agreed to go Pasir Gudang. So I called few people. Set up and confirmed the appointment.  Also called old friend of mine, Baharuddin who stayed at Pasir Gudang, informing him of our arrival.

So we off to Pasir Gudang, another place that never been before.  We left Kuala Lumpur at almost 12 noon.  I took the first turn to drive, my wife will cover when I was tired. It was quite enjoyable trip. We reached Pasir Gudang before 5am where Baharudin or Che Din already waiting to take us to Hotel Selasa where we will spend the night.

However Che Din insisted we went to his house first to have a tea. We obliged as it has been a long since the  last time we meet. This will be a nice time to catch up things and get knowing each other family. As we were already tired, we politely asked to move to the hotel. Che Din kindly offered his service  to show the way though the location just very near.

Before leaving us Che Din said he will treat us dinner at the very nice place and told us to be ready at 8.30 pm.

As promised Che Din and family arrived. We got on our car and followed the white Grand Livina that full inside. It took about 25 minutes before we reached the place. Wow it really happening place. A place called  Senibong Village Seafood. It is food heaven. According many Singaporean also dine here every night. Already lost word to describe this place. Che Din quickly moved to his favourite restaurant. Ushering us to the nice spot. When all sat down Che Din quickly ordered the food. We had variety of foods that night. From local delicacies like Otak Otak and Sata, to Malay favourites ikan masak steam  and satay. We really enjoyed the foods that night.

And another best thing was I met with another old friend, Nooran Md Nor. He was there to entertain government officials. Not mistaken he is now a manager at TM. I really enjoyed that night as I managed to meet two old friends. Alhamdullillah. We went back to the hotel before 11 pm as I had an appointment on the next morning.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hazard Heads Toward Old Trafford

French media say Hazard wants Manchester United move, even if it means less money
23 May 2012

We may rename a section of the website 'The Daily Eden Hazard' because it seems that everyday there's a new snippet of information suggesting he's closer to joining a certain club over the others interested. Sky Sports News today were still reporting today that Manchester United is his favoured destination and now some outlets in the French media are backing that up., a major football based website in France, claim that Eden Hazard made a decision last weekend to join Manchester United. They cite relatives of the Belgian player as the source and say he was even ready to announce his decision to the wider world.

However, his agents wanted him to hold back as they were still negotiating deals with both Manchester City and Chelsea. Le10 claim that Eden Hazard is prepared to take a lower salary at Manchester United because it's where he wants to play.

They say he is ready to make a 'financial sacrifice' because Manchester United is the 'choice of his heart'. A personal meeting with Sir Alex Ferguson, where the United manager explained an exciting project to Hazard, is said to have made his mind up and if it wasn't for the intervention of his agents he'd have signed a contract already.

Nevertheless they report that an agreement is very close on a five year contract with Manchester United.

He made people waiting and guessing. An antic made some people started to him. Well he had the right to keep his option open. Also had the right to the pay that he wanted. A player with such talent is worth to wait and buy.

If he choose Man United, the Red Devils sure gain more firepower. After loosing the title Sir Alex surely wanted to strengthen the team. Owen already been released. I believed Berba, Ji Sung Park, Anderson and Macheda will also leave. Giggs and Scholes had no much time left. Pogba also destined to leave. So Man United had to fill all this.

Kagawa the Blue Samurai said to be at Old Trafford next season. This also a good buy. He is more central player with attacking minded. While Hazard could play central and wide. These two great players should be enough as Man United had many young players waiting in the line to play for the first team.

Good Luck Devils

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11 January 2012 - Wangsa Maju - Taman Maluri - Shah Alam - Subang Jaya

We all woke up fresher as we had a good sleep. The main plan that day was to get a surprise for Adam. For a month my wife been contacting a firm, a publisher actually, to get something that really made Adam excited. The firm called Evergreen Publisher Sdn Bhd located at Taman Maluri.

Little bit info about Evergreen Publisher taken from their website

EVERGREEN PUBLISHER SDN BHD is a Private Limited Company incorporated in Malaysia on the 23 January 1989.

Since 1989, the company appointed as the sole publisher by most of the famous and well-known publishers in Hong Kong, namely, Culturecom Holdings Ltd, Jade Dynasty, Publications Ltd, Jonesky Ltd, Lee Man Publication(HK) Ltd, Color Comics Publications Ltd and Ming Ho(Charm Max) Publication Ltd, has been carrying a wide range of Comics in both Mandarin and Malay languages.

The Company entered the field of children's publisher business in 1991, was appointed as the sole publisher by the Walt Disney Company to Publish Mickey Magazine in 3 different languages as well as Disney Children's Coloring & Activity Book, namely, winnie The Pooh, Mickey & Friends and Character properties.

Their latest addition was the mega hit local produced animation Boboiboy.  The Evergreen Publisher had bought the right from animation creator Animonsta to produce the Boboiboy merchandise.

Adam is Boboiboy big fan. Most of shirts and pants bearing the Boboiboy and his friend characters. So Mimi had been contacting Diana who are MD personal assistant quite a while to procure some gift for Adam. Diana was always been helpful.  So we went to her office. Diana was waiting for us and herself greeted us. Then after short conversation she brought the surprises to Adam. There were posters of Boboiboy, coloring books, vcds, stationery and a lot more. Totally out of our expectation. Most of the items were not on sale yet. Adam was the first person to have it.

Adam was so happy but a little bit down as he thought Boboiboy was there too.  Millions thanks to Diana and Evergreen Publisher.

We out from there to meet our friend and also business associate, En Wan. He was still busy and had a lot of meeting. However he promised to find some times to meet us. So we decided to head to Shah Alam where En Wan was having his meeting. I'm not very familiar with Shah Alam so I just drove around. While we were in the joyride En Wan called us informing us that his meeting already finished and on the way to Wangsa Maju to meet us. Our fault not to inform him that we were already at Shah Alam. So we all decided to meet at Carrefour Subang Jaya as En Wan just exit the Batu Tiga toll. Again I had to navigate to Subang out from Shah Alam. Luckily we managed to find Subang Jaya Carrefour.

We meet En Wan and discuss about our idea and the new business venture. He loved it and will help to make it happen.

Smile on our face as we headed back to Wangsa  Maju. Just one more place and thing to do.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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10 January 2012 - Genting Highlands To Wangsa Maju

After long exhausted night we slept well under very cold temperature at Genting. It was really cold till we actually cannot sleep. However tiredness were all over that we finally dozed off. We woke up a little bit late. After solat we started to pack to continue our journey. The plan was then to meet with our business associate to discuss new business venture. He had been supportive with all our ideas and efforts all the while, so we decided that he will be the one that can trusted and embarked a business with. We supposed to meet him after lunch at Wangsa Walk, Wangsa Maju.

Adam when he woke up insisted to the theme park before we left. It took quite time to cool him down. Finally he agreed. Quickly we check out. Then I had a minor trouble. I cant remember where I parked the car. While this also took a while as I tried hard to remember where was the car. Thanks Allah that my memory did not fail me.

We off to Wangsa Maju. It was a very beautiful scenery a long the way down. For my surprise the journey did not take long to arrive at Wangsa Maju. Quickly we called our business associate now already a friend. He was at the meeting and had no idea when it will over. We decided to go to my brother house, also at Wangsa Maju, where we will spend a night there to rest. Before that we decided to go to Carrefour for lunch and to buy portable fan for us to use at my brother house. Then we headed to my brothers house, he and wife were working but we had the house key, so there was no problem.

At my brother's house we rested for a while. Then my business associate / friend called informing us that it was possible to meet on that day. So it was a rest day for us.

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9 January 2012 - Penang To Genting

Well been considering to put this entry quite a while actually. It about my life and also my beloved family journey. Just Anak Askar I already decided to talk about football and Manchester United. But what the heck, this is my blog so I can write what I want. So this was the story hahahhaa......nothing special actually.

Adam Harith, my son,  kept asking me about Genting Highlands. He really want to go there.  I cant remember how the four years old kid had the idea of Genting but being Adam Harith he will keep asking until he were there. So we decided to grant his wish.

Actually we also had business things to attend so couple with Adam birthday on 7 January we decided to have a trip to Genting, Kuala Lumpur and Pasir Gudang. The whole trip would take us a week.

Adam was very happy, of course,  when we broke the news. He kept reminding us about cold jacket, shoes and also the date. He was so excited the he kept telling everybody about the trip. After celebrating his birthday with his friends then with the families, on 9 January, three of us off to Genting. Actually I  never been to Genting also. However my wife had been there for several times. We started our journey quite early that Adam still not awake. As usual he had his sleeping gadget at the back  where he had a comfortable snooze.

We reached Genting about a perfect time to check  in. It was raining and the visibility was limited. All I could see was the cloud. The white thing that hovering all the way that made me occasionally afraid. My wife told me to find the First World Hotel where we will spend a night there. I could hardly see the lights and the rain, although it was mild drizzle, had limited the visibility. Finally reached the hotel. It was so cold. Adam was jumping up and down. He loved hotel so much. He loved to spend time in a hotel.

Mimi, my wife and Adam, off for check in while I had to find the parking. Again I had to difficulty to find the way as the signboards were covered with clouds. 

We check in, Adam as usual quick to his ritual. He climbed the bed then jumped up and down. Then he laid down on his stomach showing his approval on the mattress. After having our packed lunch we decided to go to the place that in everyone mind if at Genting, the Theme Park. Really have fun there. Adam was so obsessed with the bumper car. Lost count how many times he went around to play it. At night we went there again and again it was the bumper car that Adam spend the time most.

Best time spend together and Adam made me promised to come again.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hails The New Champion of England

Man City clinch the title in dramatic fashion

Well all already knew about it. Congratulation to Manchester City and its supporters. Hard  for me as it was the noisy neighbour that been crowned as the champion. It would be much easier if it were Chelski or Arsenal or even Liverpool. 

It may be went as the best season for the English league with full of drama but for me not for English football. Manchester City won the league by the power of money. The instant success that once path by Roman Abromovich of Chelksi. In contrast with Man United that believed in breeding young player. This was happen to Serie A. Once very lucrative league in the world. The place where most players wanted to be.But now become less attractive but the biggest negative impact was on the Italy national squad. The Azzuri was unable to form a good squad and the biggest head ache for 1994 world cup was to find good midfielders. They that time only had Dino Baggio to rely on. Luckily Italy had Roberto Di Bagio to lead them to the final. Until now many Italy teams had rely too heavily on foreign players. But Man City still had the balance squad in term of English and foreign players though the local mostly used as fringe players.

However it was who win that matter. Again congratulation to Man City. Red Devils surely strengthen their squad. Hopefully Kagawa will join Man United. The Blue Samurai player also been dubbed as Messi surely will add more power in Man United squad. And if Hazard chose the red of Mancurian then Man United will be more colourful in term of their plays. Now it would be good if Man United could add Rodwell of Everton to their team too. Scholes and Carrick would not be long. If Pogba stay then squad would be fine, if otherwise Rodwell must in.

So let see how the teams in BPL look in a few month before the new season kick off this August. Man United will not spend in extravaganza style but surely in wise way as it always be.

Glory Glory Man United