Friday, May 25, 2012

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12 January 2012 - Wangsa Maju To Pasir Gudang

I was not so sure about this trip. It was more to fact finding regarding about future business venture. So I was mulling about the idea  of adding a 350 kilometers journey down to south from Kuala Lumpur. Another four hours drive that could drain me out. My wife gave her reasons why we should go. It took all night to made the call.

Next morning, my wife look at me like begging to know the answer. I just kept quite that said 'let have our breakfast but pack our things also.'

My wife smile knowing that I agreed to go Pasir Gudang. So I called few people. Set up and confirmed the appointment.  Also called old friend of mine, Baharuddin who stayed at Pasir Gudang, informing him of our arrival.

So we off to Pasir Gudang, another place that never been before.  We left Kuala Lumpur at almost 12 noon.  I took the first turn to drive, my wife will cover when I was tired. It was quite enjoyable trip. We reached Pasir Gudang before 5am where Baharudin or Che Din already waiting to take us to Hotel Selasa where we will spend the night.

However Che Din insisted we went to his house first to have a tea. We obliged as it has been a long since the  last time we meet. This will be a nice time to catch up things and get knowing each other family. As we were already tired, we politely asked to move to the hotel. Che Din kindly offered his service  to show the way though the location just very near.

Before leaving us Che Din said he will treat us dinner at the very nice place and told us to be ready at 8.30 pm.

As promised Che Din and family arrived. We got on our car and followed the white Grand Livina that full inside. It took about 25 minutes before we reached the place. Wow it really happening place. A place called  Senibong Village Seafood. It is food heaven. According many Singaporean also dine here every night. Already lost word to describe this place. Che Din quickly moved to his favourite restaurant. Ushering us to the nice spot. When all sat down Che Din quickly ordered the food. We had variety of foods that night. From local delicacies like Otak Otak and Sata, to Malay favourites ikan masak steam  and satay. We really enjoyed the foods that night.

And another best thing was I met with another old friend, Nooran Md Nor. He was there to entertain government officials. Not mistaken he is now a manager at TM. I really enjoyed that night as I managed to meet two old friends. Alhamdullillah. We went back to the hotel before 11 pm as I had an appointment on the next morning.

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