Monday, October 29, 2012

Chelski 2-3 Man United

Controversies Kill the Game

It was a game of two heavyweights. Top of the table clash that always produce the best from both teams. Man United was looking for their first win at Stamford Bridge for a decade now. Ferguson already heat up the game by saying things were not went on their way when playing at the Bridge. Boosted by home wins against Braga in the midweek where again they came from behind, Man United seemed had a slight advantage. They were fresher compared to Chelski who had long trip back from Ukraine. Surprise 2-1 lost to Shakhtar Donestk should put Chelski at least minimum pressure.

With JT looking from the stand, Chelski frailty in defense showed. With Man United was ruthless mood, their fluid passing open up Chelski defense. Man United needed only four minutes to score from the kick off. Valencia was dominances at right wing tormenting Ashley Cole. The England fullback really had a nightmare at least for the first 30 minutes as Valencia passed him frequently at ease. Great interplay on the right Rooney had all the time to check the position of Van Persie. His cross met the Ducthman and later produced his trademark finishing that hit the post. The rebound hit David Luiz and went back into the net. Some say it was lucky but atleast Van Persie hit the post with Petr Cech rooted. Then came the second goal after eight minutes of the first. Almost in the same fashion but this time the cross was delivered by Valencia. Van Persie hit it hard and low again no chance Cech.

At this time I was feeling that Man United will score everytimes they moved forward. But I also had the feeling if Chelksi pulled a goal back then it will be Chelski game as they were playing at the Bridge. So I was kind of yelling ‘hold on until 55 minutes’. For me if Man United could hold on until 55 minutes the Red Devils could win the game. Then before half time Rooney gave away a free kick in the dangerous area. Stepped in Juan Mata and he scored a beauty.

The second half resume and Chelski continued where they left. They kept pressing Man United and their hard work paid off. Ramires scored the equalizer from the header in 53 minutes. Now the game could go either way. By looking how Chelski plays one could easily predict that the host should be the winner.

Then Man United was given hope. Ivanovic was sent off after he was judged to bring down Ashley Young. The England man was having a bad game but this was his biggest contribution in this game. Ferguson quickly thrown in Hernandez for Rooney. May be in the same time to protect Rooney from red card. In almost the same time Chelski sent in Cesar Azpilicueta to fill Ivanovic postion. Sadly Oscar had to go. But Chelski was not to give up easily. They were preparing Sturridge to replace  Torres. While Sturridge was ready to go in, Torres was send off for second yellow card.

The drama was far from over. With great numerical advantage Man United kept the ball and tried to find the killer pass. Then Hernandez scored. After an initial shot by Van Persie was saved by Cezh, Hernandez tapped in Rafael shot. However he was clearly offside.

Well credit to Chelski as they never gave in. Really like their line up especially in the midfield. There were a lot of energy and creativity in that area. Hazard, Mata and Oscar really controlling the midfield. Ramires and Mikel just sit deep to cover.

While Man United really look impressive in the first 30 minutes. Then they collapsed. Luck still with Man United. I agreed that Torres should never been sent off in that game.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Man United October 2012 Fixtures

3 October 2012
CFR Cluj
Man United
7 October 2012
Newcastle United
Man United
20 October 2012
Man United
Stoke City
10.00pm Saturday
24 October 2012
Man United
Sporting Braga
2.45 am Wednesday
29 October 2012
Man Utd
12.00 Sunday

Malaysia Cup 2012 Final

Malaysian Finest

86th season of the prestigious Malaysia Cup will come to its grand finale this Saturday 20.10.2012 with ATM and red hot Kelantan as the finalist. The 2012 campaign started on 24 August 2012 with total 16 teams. Now after grueling two months only two teams left standing. Kelantan the team that already won Super League and FA Cup surely wanted to complete this season glorious with treble. Kelantan had won it once in year 2010 and three times losing finalist in 1955, 1970 and 2009. While ATM, the conqueror of Premier League will experience their third final after 1949 and 1966. Both as the losing finalist.

I was once fanatic of local football but interest had been reclining for many years. My passion now always Manchester United. May be the quality was the main reason or the way our local tv production showing the live games made the games dull and not lively. Not to mention the syok sendiri live commentator.  

But my dogma suddenly changed when I saw the ATM against Lions XII second leg game. Both came into the game with 1-1 tied from the first leg. So it much any team game with ATM had slightly had the advantage as it was played at their own turf of Stadium Selayang.

What surprised me was the quality of the game. Albeit series of foul throws, both team showed fantastic and great performance. The tactical of both teams was equal. Lions game plan was to get an early goal than dig deep to defense. And the ATM started shelling the Lions right from the start. ATM movement was great. The passing was sharp and the wingers dribble the ball confidently. Their pace made a lot of trouble to the Lion defenses. The ball control of ATM players also surprising good.

Though ATM was much better team it was the Lions who took the lead. The deflected shot by Agu Casmir left the ATM goalkeeper had not chance. But the ATM never gave up. They kept trying until the last minutes. And Marlon Alex James scored right at the death. I already changed the tv channel as I can’t see the soldiers lost after producing a good game. To my surprised when changed back to the games it was in extra time. And in 30 minutes added time it was all ATM. Then Lions was reduced to 10 men. Still the Lions hanging out and took the games into the shootout. And it was more drama in the penalty shootout that made your heart beating wild.  It was like Man United vs Chelski in UCL 2008 final. Finally it was ATM that soldier on to the final.

The great game between ATM and Lions made me anxiously to see the other semi final between Selangor vs Kelantan. It was also a very good game but cannot match ATM vs Lions.

Well both ATM and Kelantan are good teams. Kelantan might cripple a little bit after losing Gaddar and Nor Farhan for yellow card but they still very dangerous. Noh Shahrul still among the best striker in Malaysia. The moody Indera Putra could still producing unexpected magic. Nurul Azwan Roya the industrialist midfielder will keep the engine running. Kelantan also have Malaysia best goalkeeper in Apek.

ATM for me is the complete team. Marlon is exceptional striker though he is 35. Hai-O who played just behind him is a great leader. He also controlled the midfield well and scored many too. In midfield Bruno Marteloto or I called him Luca Modric, could match the creativity of Nurul Azwan Roya. I believed he is much better than his counterpart. His skill, passing and vision created a lot of openings. And he is also good in tackling. Both ATM flankers are very effective too, Zaquan on the right and Christie on the left. Their speed and skill could beat the fullbacks easily. The backfour also fantastic with both fullback doing the overlapped supporting the attacks. Only in goalkeeper department Kelantan is much better.

I believed ATM will win.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mind Bloging

Success and Happiness

Hardly have time to spent for my blog lately. Things getting too many in my head. But still I just sit there and doing nothing. Like most people I tried to achieve - success in life. But what actually is success. Having a big car, big house and a lot of money? Hmm quite subjective this thing call success, at least for me.

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”- Bill Cosby

I kinda agree with what Cosby said. Most of our time been spend to please other people. We afraid of doing things that good for ourselves just because we afraid what might others would say. What people might say is more important than our own self. Afraid of hurting others feeling is far critical than serving our own interest. But we live in community meaning with other people surrounding us. Basically we cant live alone, we need others. Should that be the reason we had to please others.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”- Steve Jobs

Yes I totally agreed with you -Steve Jobs. In your life you were very successful.We listen too much to others and neglected what our heart told us.

So if we were successful should that bring us happiness. Laterally thinking the answer should be yes. This actually what all people looking for. The happiness. The best would be the happiness here and after.

Many people wonder what the secret to happiness is. In Islam, this secret has been revealed to us in the Quran and Sunnah: the way to true happiness is through Taqwa. Allah said: “And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine.” (65: 2-3).

Taqwa is to fear Allah by practicing the things that Allah loves, and avoiding the things that He hates, or things that may lead to what He hates. Every decision that we make, down to the smallest things, should be influenced by our Taqwa. source

So if you are Muslim - Have Taqwa of ALLAH. That is what I have to do too.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Liverpool 1-2 Man United

A Lucky Win For Devils
Anfield, England
23 September 2012

Always touted as cruncher game as both are the fiercest rivalry in English football. The tense of the game was not only on the field but off the pitch as both supporters as always will heat up the game. All the chants, where most of it were provocative, forums whether online or not, discussions and promo about the game told how the game will be. Merseysiders versus the Red Mancunian is always larger than life.

The game should have all elements as it should be but always it was a boring game. But this time put the blame on Man United. The host Liverpool showed that they were really wanted to win the game. After all they are still looking their first win of the season. After four games Liverpool recorded two draw and two loses. With two points Liverpool are at bottom three. This must be the worst start of campaign ever for the Kops.

Man United seemed looking for a point. They never tried to push forward and threaten Liverpool goal. All the passing, tackling and movement were awry. Man United looked like an ordinary semi professional team. Not a team that win 19 league titles. And it was not surprised when Liverpool still much better team although were down with 10 men after Jonjo Shelvey was sent off.

And Nani showed why he not belong to Man United . He put another substandard performance and not surprising he was been substituted after the interval.

An injury to Ashley Young had given him extended lease of life. However, rather than grab the chance, he got worse with every game.

Anfield was ready for Man United. Liverpool was desperate for their first win. Playing first time in their home crowd after the independent panel declared the innocent of Liverpool fans in Hillsborough disaster; the Kops have everything for this match. And from the start we could see their determination and passion. Man United was by contrast. They way they played really looking for a draw.

Liverpool was calling all the shots. Suarez times and times again troubled Man United backline. Many times he managed to get behind Man United defends. Luckily though he was a good wriggle his finishing was not at top. Then Shelvey was sent off. But the game resume as usual. Liverpool was pressing hard at Man United. And it was not surprise at all when Liverpool scored through Gerard right after the second half started. A well taken goal by the Liverpool captain. But it only lasted five minutes when Man United restored the parity by also well taken goal of Rafael.

But still it was Liverpool game. They kept moving forward. The self belief inside Liverpool players was amazing. Suddenly Man United had a life line when Valencia who had below par game by his standard surged forward with the help of Liverpool calamity. He was tackled from behind by Johnson and referee saw it as a foul. Penalty.  Stepped in RVP. After three consecutive of miss penalty all eyes on him. And he scored.

It was not the best from Man United. After losing great players like Keane and Ronaldo Man United had lost the key to spark their game. Such an astute and inspiration that much needed in every game especially when thing not went in their way. A player that could rally the team mate to go on and fight.  Only one player left in Man United squad and he is Wayne Rooney.