Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Liverpool 1-2 Man United

A Lucky Win For Devils
Anfield, England
23 September 2012

Always touted as cruncher game as both are the fiercest rivalry in English football. The tense of the game was not only on the field but off the pitch as both supporters as always will heat up the game. All the chants, where most of it were provocative, forums whether online or not, discussions and promo about the game told how the game will be. Merseysiders versus the Red Mancunian is always larger than life.

The game should have all elements as it should be but always it was a boring game. But this time put the blame on Man United. The host Liverpool showed that they were really wanted to win the game. After all they are still looking their first win of the season. After four games Liverpool recorded two draw and two loses. With two points Liverpool are at bottom three. This must be the worst start of campaign ever for the Kops.

Man United seemed looking for a point. They never tried to push forward and threaten Liverpool goal. All the passing, tackling and movement were awry. Man United looked like an ordinary semi professional team. Not a team that win 19 league titles. And it was not surprised when Liverpool still much better team although were down with 10 men after Jonjo Shelvey was sent off.

And Nani showed why he not belong to Man United . He put another substandard performance and not surprising he was been substituted after the interval.

An injury to Ashley Young had given him extended lease of life. However, rather than grab the chance, he got worse with every game.

Anfield was ready for Man United. Liverpool was desperate for their first win. Playing first time in their home crowd after the independent panel declared the innocent of Liverpool fans in Hillsborough disaster; the Kops have everything for this match. And from the start we could see their determination and passion. Man United was by contrast. They way they played really looking for a draw.

Liverpool was calling all the shots. Suarez times and times again troubled Man United backline. Many times he managed to get behind Man United defends. Luckily though he was a good wriggle his finishing was not at top. Then Shelvey was sent off. But the game resume as usual. Liverpool was pressing hard at Man United. And it was not surprise at all when Liverpool scored through Gerard right after the second half started. A well taken goal by the Liverpool captain. But it only lasted five minutes when Man United restored the parity by also well taken goal of Rafael.

But still it was Liverpool game. They kept moving forward. The self belief inside Liverpool players was amazing. Suddenly Man United had a life line when Valencia who had below par game by his standard surged forward with the help of Liverpool calamity. He was tackled from behind by Johnson and referee saw it as a foul. Penalty.  Stepped in RVP. After three consecutive of miss penalty all eyes on him. And he scored.

It was not the best from Man United. After losing great players like Keane and Ronaldo Man United had lost the key to spark their game. Such an astute and inspiration that much needed in every game especially when thing not went in their way. A player that could rally the team mate to go on and fight.  Only one player left in Man United squad and he is Wayne Rooney.

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