Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pepe Headbutt

Unsuccessful Provocation

I believed that Pepe tried to get Muller sent off. Pepe struck his fingers into Muller face as act of frustration. Then Muller made most of it. As Muller on the ground it was much easier for Muller to headbutt Pepe. And maybe Pepe realised this. He put his head as near to Muller hoping the Germany would react by getting up. This would surely shown as Muller headbutted Pepe but that did not happen. Muller stayed on the ground and Pepe got carried out. He accidentally headbutted Muller. As the result Pepe was shown a red card.

See this accident between Ariel Ortega and Van Der Saar in World Cup 1998

Argentinian football player Ariel Ortega was sent off in the 1998 World Cup quarter final match between Argentina and Netherlands for headbutting Dutch goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar. Van Der Sar confronted him after a dive in the penalty area, for which Ortega was just getting his first yellow card. Argentina lost 2-1

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Greatest Show On Earth

World Cup 2014 Brasil

Dubbed as the greatest show on earth and been watch by nearly half of world population, FIFA World Cup surely the most anticipated event.

Now  Jogo Bonito is at his home Brasil as hosting nation. The backing and adverse decorated this time edition of world cup. As the supports and cheers filled the stadiums, opposed and disapproved movements spilled on the streets.

Despite all the troubles the game begun. At 5 pm 12 June 2014 at  Sao Paolo the five-time winners and host nation Brazil will ensure a sprinkling of prestige and history as they kick off the 20th edition of the FIFA World Cup™ against an ambitious Croatia. And as everybody already knew Brasil defeated Crotia 3-1.

FIFA had expected that nearly half the world's population, well over three billion people to watch this opening game.

Now look at the money matter. According to  the prize money for the teams is very lucrative.

The total prize money on offer for the tournament was confirmed by FIFA as US$576 million (including payments of US$70 million to domestic clubs), a 37 percent increase from the amount allocated in the 2010 tournament. Before the tournament, each of the 32 entrants will receive US$1.5 million for preparation costs. Once at the tournament, the prize money will be distributed as follows:

US$8 million – To each team eliminated at the group stage (16 teams)
US$9 million – To each team eliminated in the round of 16 (8 teams)
US$14 million – To each team eliminated in the quarter-finals (4 teams)
US$20 million – Fourth placed team
US$22 million – Third placed team
US$25 million – Runner up
US$35 million – Winner

Now which team is going to win this exquisite trophy and bestowed as the best team on earth. For me projected Brasil as the winner. Close contenders would be German, Holland and Spain.  All the pressure will be on Neymar and Co in Sao Paulo, with an entire nation desperate to win the World Cup odyssey on home soil. This really good chance for Brasil to win and extended their record to six-time winners.

As hosts, Brazil qualified automatically, but have still been getting the match practice in. In their last nine games before the World Cup 2014, the Selecao, under the watchful eye of Gene Hackman impersonator Luiz Felipe Scolari, have scored 30 goals and conceded just two. The hosts have not lost in Brazil since 2002 where Paraguay emerged victorious. Very impressive records indeed.

Now with the emergence of new talent in Neymar the Selecao had no excuse not to win it. Neymar the Barcelona star before the World Cup 2014, in his last 28 Brazil games, he has scored 22 goals.  And compared to his illustrious Barca team mate Lionel Messi who recorded  a goals-to-games ratio of just 0.44, for his country Argentina. To date Messi scored 39 goals in 89 games.

As been watch by billions Brasil saw off Croatia in the opening game. The most interesting things  were the two goals scored by Neymar and Oscar. The first game really a striker goal. Neymar only had small gap and a little time to think what he going to do and chose to shot. Great goal indeed. The third also very exquisite goal. The technique use by Oscar was delightful, not sure he poke the ball or using outside of his foot. Oscar style of play resembled Kaka in my opinion.

The Germans also had a very young and good team. The had wonderkid Goetze in the team, goal-scoring machine  Muller and hard rock defender in Humels. And of course Neuer the world class goal keeper.

As usual I really hope Holland to win the title this year. Three times as bridesmaid were not good enough. Like Spain before this Holland is the great underachiever.

Holland started well as their total football humiliated Spain tiki taka. Although actually I believed the precision and speed of Holland that actually hammered them.

So enjoy the World Cup  

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rise of The Blue Moon & The Fallen Devils

 City Claims Second Title in Three Years

It was the blue half of Mancunian celebrated  by parading the trophy in Manchester. Again it was Manchester City hailed as champion of England twice in three seasons. Quite a remarkable achievement for the team who fought hard for decades to step out from the  shadow of more fancy neighbor of Manchester United. For long time it was the Red Devils who dominated the headlines with their achievements. Now City is the best in England while United finished miserably at seventh place, their worse standing since the inception of Premier League  in 1992.
What when wrong with Man United? David Moyes regime reigned for only 10 months. The man who chosen by Sir Alex himself.  I believed Moyes was capable to thrust Man United into the new height or atleast sustain the Red Devils supremacy.  There were no serious reports in dressing room unrest to indicate players mutiny against him. May be it too much for Moyes to carry the huge name of Man United brand name.
Also been blamed for the dreadful season was Sir Alex himself. Moyes inherited a weak and old team from the legendary Scot. Every year there were talks about replacing Scholes but no one had arrived. Micheal Carrick was the only one stand out at the midfield but he also seemed to out of gas. Vidic and Ferdinand were already passed their prime but their understudy – Jones, Smalling and Evans were still far away from the expected class.
However Sir Alex was not alone in the blaming list. Top of the chart were the Glaziers. It was reported the Glaziers spend lot of money to pay their enormous debts so little were left to buy world class players. Last time  it was only Chelski that gave Man United buying power look unattractive now came Manchester City. Man United could not afford to lose great players to these clubs.
Now Louis Van Gaal was appointed as the new gaffer with three years contract. In his office awaiting £200 million transfer kitty. Giggs was appointed as his no 2. So he still need the influence of Giggs to make sure all in his control. Meaning his leaving his no 2 in Holland antional team – Patrik Kluiverts.
He is a great man winning a lot of titles with great clubs. So with money his pocket the attention will be the new players that he rope in. I believed among others would be Arjen Robben and Kevin Strootman. First of all both are Dutch secondly Man United really this kind of players in their squad. Van Gaal was dislike in Barcelona because of his Dutchification. He turned Barcelona into Ajax Amsterdam. He brought along many Dutch players during his tenure at Barca from  1997 -2000. However he was the one who discover the great talents in Xavi, Iniesta and Valdes. So in the other words he is very good with young players.
 Kroos will come in if he failed to get Strootman. But still he needed somebody that could spark creativity in the midfield. Kroos and Strootman is box to box player where sometimes their position deep in midfield. Febragas should be the best candidate however he was reported preferring Arsenal if he had to go back to England. Kros and Febragas partnership would be awesome.
At the back Luke Shaw seemed to be heading to Manchester United. Hope this could be true. He was the revelation for this season   He energy, skills and speed are really tremendous as his is only 18 years old. With Evra leaving the leftback postion will be his for along time.  One more area Man United need to boost is central defend. I would love if Mat Humels or Ezakiel Garay to come in.
However Manchester City really deserved to be the champion. They are solid and compact team. They main man easily Yaya Toure. He is the complete  midfielder. The closest to him would be Stevie G. The whole team is superb from the backline to the strikers. It gave you a scare when you see Stevan Jovetic as their fourth striker while the  names like Jaxi Garcia, David Siva, James Milner at the bench.
So Glory Glory Man United

Konvoi dan Marshal

Marshal konvoi tanpa polis satu kesalahan
16 May 2014

KUALA LUMPUR 15 Mei - Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) memandang serius perbuatan segelintir individu yang menjadi marshal dalam konvoi kenderaan tanpa penglibatan anggota polis trafik di jalan raya ke­rana tindakan itu menyalahi undang-undang serta boleh dikenakan tindakan.

Ketua Trafik Pasukan Bukit Aman, Senior Asisten Komisioner Mohd. Fuad Abd. Latiff berkata, tiada undang-undang yang membenarkan marshal bertugas untuk mengawal lalu lintas di jalan raya tanpa kehadiran anggota polis trafik.

“Keperluan bantuan tugas marshal mesti dengan kehadiran rasmi polis trafik seperti dalam acara berbasikal Le Tour De Langkawi dan Jelajah Malaysia.

“Sekiranya mana-mana individu atau kumpulan menjalankan tugas marshal tanpa kehadiran polis, mereka boleh dikenakan tindakan undang-undang me­­ngikut Seksyen 21(3) Akta Polis atau Seksyen 79(2) Akta Pengangkutan Jalan," katanya dalam sidang akhbar di Ibu Pejabat Polis Bukit Aman di sini hari ini.

Mohd. Fuad berkata, pengguna jalan raya tidak perlu mengikut arahan marshal sekiranya tiada penglibatan anggota polis trafik.

“Tidak salah sekiranya mereka hanya memakai pakaian bertulis marshal mengikut konvoi, tapi kesalahan berlaku apabila mereka menahan kenderaan lain bagi memberi laluan kepada kumpulan mereka," ujarnya.

Dah lama gak sebenarnya terbit rasa sedikit tak puashati ngan geng motor besar ni. Bukan jeles kat depa yang mampu beli sebiji tayar berharga RM800 atau helmet Arai RAMIII Gauloises harganya RM8000 tu.  Tak juga terasa walaupun  aku ni tak mampu untuk memiliki sepasang sarung tangan berhargaRM100..

Yang aku geram depa ni buat jalan raya macam depa punya. Berapa kali terserempak dengan depa ni aku dipaksa untuk ketepi dan perlahankan kereta. Maka berderumlah mereka dengan jumlah yang banyak menguasai lorong di jalanan. Heran gak masa tu depa ni ada lesen untuk memecut lebih dari 110km/sejam ka.  Berdesut ja perginya ketika meter kelajuan kereta aku telah pun menunjukkan 110 km/sejam. Pastinya ini di lebuhraya. Ada sekali aku saja buat keras kepala berada di lorong kanan memecut pada 110km/sejam, kelihatan segorombolan motor besar cepat menghampiri. Dalam beberapa saat sahaja sebuah motor yang pastinya perasaan marshal meminta semua kereta ke kiri. Aku buat dek ja. Kemudian perasan marshal tu berada di sebelah aku kanan aku memberi isyarat perlahan dan meminta aku ke kiri. Aku buat muka bebai  (kata orang penang). Si perasan marshal memberi senyuman dan terus meminta aku ke kiri. Aku buat mulut kumat kamit seolah sedang berkata sesuatu yang aku tak puas hati padahal aku sendiri tak tahu apa aku cakap. Akhirnya aku mengalah dan si perasan marshal memberi thumb up kat aku. Tapi aku terus buat muka marah. Hahahaha saja ja sebenarnya.

Kemudian aku membuka booth di sebuah event di hotel five stars di Pulau Pinang. Yang bestnya ialah gathering dan mensyuarat kumpulan motor besar. Aku terus bertanya hal konvoi dan marshal kepada seorang orang kuat kumpulan ni. Dia menjawap  marshal tidak hak untuk menahan kenderaan yang lain dan dia mendakwa kumpulan motornya tidak akan berbuat demikian. Malah dalam ahlinya ada terdapat juga pegawai polis yang turut menjadi penasihat. Aku bertanya lagi kenapa lately ada banyak kemalangan melibatkan motor besar. Dia menjawap kemungkinan besar yang terlibat dengan kemalangan adalah orang yang baru belajar menunggang motor besar. Menunggang besar ni mengikut beliau perlu latihan yang banyak termasuk mengenali lebih dalam tentang pemotoran. Ada juga kemungkinan mereka ni cuba menunjuk-nunjuk padahal kurang pengalaman mengendali motor besar.

Setelah berkali di tahan oleh perasan marshal kali terakhir di Batu Kawan oleh perasan marshal yang mengawal sekumpulan besar kerata Fairlady akhirnya aku puas hati setelah mengetahu yang ketidakpuashati aku tu dipihak yang benar.

Kita boleh ambil gambar dan buat laporan jika ni terjadi. Yihaaaaaaa

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Hi Again...Lama Tak Jumpa

Will try to start writing again. So for a start just want to say