Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rise of The Blue Moon & The Fallen Devils

 City Claims Second Title in Three Years

It was the blue half of Mancunian celebrated  by parading the trophy in Manchester. Again it was Manchester City hailed as champion of England twice in three seasons. Quite a remarkable achievement for the team who fought hard for decades to step out from the  shadow of more fancy neighbor of Manchester United. For long time it was the Red Devils who dominated the headlines with their achievements. Now City is the best in England while United finished miserably at seventh place, their worse standing since the inception of Premier League  in 1992.
What when wrong with Man United? David Moyes regime reigned for only 10 months. The man who chosen by Sir Alex himself.  I believed Moyes was capable to thrust Man United into the new height or atleast sustain the Red Devils supremacy.  There were no serious reports in dressing room unrest to indicate players mutiny against him. May be it too much for Moyes to carry the huge name of Man United brand name.
Also been blamed for the dreadful season was Sir Alex himself. Moyes inherited a weak and old team from the legendary Scot. Every year there were talks about replacing Scholes but no one had arrived. Micheal Carrick was the only one stand out at the midfield but he also seemed to out of gas. Vidic and Ferdinand were already passed their prime but their understudy – Jones, Smalling and Evans were still far away from the expected class.
However Sir Alex was not alone in the blaming list. Top of the chart were the Glaziers. It was reported the Glaziers spend lot of money to pay their enormous debts so little were left to buy world class players. Last time  it was only Chelski that gave Man United buying power look unattractive now came Manchester City. Man United could not afford to lose great players to these clubs.
Now Louis Van Gaal was appointed as the new gaffer with three years contract. In his office awaiting £200 million transfer kitty. Giggs was appointed as his no 2. So he still need the influence of Giggs to make sure all in his control. Meaning his leaving his no 2 in Holland antional team – Patrik Kluiverts.
He is a great man winning a lot of titles with great clubs. So with money his pocket the attention will be the new players that he rope in. I believed among others would be Arjen Robben and Kevin Strootman. First of all both are Dutch secondly Man United really this kind of players in their squad. Van Gaal was dislike in Barcelona because of his Dutchification. He turned Barcelona into Ajax Amsterdam. He brought along many Dutch players during his tenure at Barca from  1997 -2000. However he was the one who discover the great talents in Xavi, Iniesta and Valdes. So in the other words he is very good with young players.
 Kroos will come in if he failed to get Strootman. But still he needed somebody that could spark creativity in the midfield. Kroos and Strootman is box to box player where sometimes their position deep in midfield. Febragas should be the best candidate however he was reported preferring Arsenal if he had to go back to England. Kros and Febragas partnership would be awesome.
At the back Luke Shaw seemed to be heading to Manchester United. Hope this could be true. He was the revelation for this season   He energy, skills and speed are really tremendous as his is only 18 years old. With Evra leaving the leftback postion will be his for along time.  One more area Man United need to boost is central defend. I would love if Mat Humels or Ezakiel Garay to come in.
However Manchester City really deserved to be the champion. They are solid and compact team. They main man easily Yaya Toure. He is the complete  midfielder. The closest to him would be Stevie G. The whole team is superb from the backline to the strikers. It gave you a scare when you see Stevan Jovetic as their fourth striker while the  names like Jaxi Garcia, David Siva, James Milner at the bench.
So Glory Glory Man United

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