Thursday, May 24, 2012

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11 January 2012 - Wangsa Maju - Taman Maluri - Shah Alam - Subang Jaya

We all woke up fresher as we had a good sleep. The main plan that day was to get a surprise for Adam. For a month my wife been contacting a firm, a publisher actually, to get something that really made Adam excited. The firm called Evergreen Publisher Sdn Bhd located at Taman Maluri.

Little bit info about Evergreen Publisher taken from their website

EVERGREEN PUBLISHER SDN BHD is a Private Limited Company incorporated in Malaysia on the 23 January 1989.

Since 1989, the company appointed as the sole publisher by most of the famous and well-known publishers in Hong Kong, namely, Culturecom Holdings Ltd, Jade Dynasty, Publications Ltd, Jonesky Ltd, Lee Man Publication(HK) Ltd, Color Comics Publications Ltd and Ming Ho(Charm Max) Publication Ltd, has been carrying a wide range of Comics in both Mandarin and Malay languages.

The Company entered the field of children's publisher business in 1991, was appointed as the sole publisher by the Walt Disney Company to Publish Mickey Magazine in 3 different languages as well as Disney Children's Coloring & Activity Book, namely, winnie The Pooh, Mickey & Friends and Character properties.

Their latest addition was the mega hit local produced animation Boboiboy.  The Evergreen Publisher had bought the right from animation creator Animonsta to produce the Boboiboy merchandise.

Adam is Boboiboy big fan. Most of shirts and pants bearing the Boboiboy and his friend characters. So Mimi had been contacting Diana who are MD personal assistant quite a while to procure some gift for Adam. Diana was always been helpful.  So we went to her office. Diana was waiting for us and herself greeted us. Then after short conversation she brought the surprises to Adam. There were posters of Boboiboy, coloring books, vcds, stationery and a lot more. Totally out of our expectation. Most of the items were not on sale yet. Adam was the first person to have it.

Adam was so happy but a little bit down as he thought Boboiboy was there too.  Millions thanks to Diana and Evergreen Publisher.

We out from there to meet our friend and also business associate, En Wan. He was still busy and had a lot of meeting. However he promised to find some times to meet us. So we decided to head to Shah Alam where En Wan was having his meeting. I'm not very familiar with Shah Alam so I just drove around. While we were in the joyride En Wan called us informing us that his meeting already finished and on the way to Wangsa Maju to meet us. Our fault not to inform him that we were already at Shah Alam. So we all decided to meet at Carrefour Subang Jaya as En Wan just exit the Batu Tiga toll. Again I had to navigate to Subang out from Shah Alam. Luckily we managed to find Subang Jaya Carrefour.

We meet En Wan and discuss about our idea and the new business venture. He loved it and will help to make it happen.

Smile on our face as we headed back to Wangsa  Maju. Just one more place and thing to do.


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nice idea.. thanks for posting.

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you are must welcome