Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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10 January 2012 - Genting Highlands To Wangsa Maju

After long exhausted night we slept well under very cold temperature at Genting. It was really cold till we actually cannot sleep. However tiredness were all over that we finally dozed off. We woke up a little bit late. After solat we started to pack to continue our journey. The plan was then to meet with our business associate to discuss new business venture. He had been supportive with all our ideas and efforts all the while, so we decided that he will be the one that can trusted and embarked a business with. We supposed to meet him after lunch at Wangsa Walk, Wangsa Maju.

Adam when he woke up insisted to the theme park before we left. It took quite time to cool him down. Finally he agreed. Quickly we check out. Then I had a minor trouble. I cant remember where I parked the car. While this also took a while as I tried hard to remember where was the car. Thanks Allah that my memory did not fail me.

We off to Wangsa Maju. It was a very beautiful scenery a long the way down. For my surprise the journey did not take long to arrive at Wangsa Maju. Quickly we called our business associate now already a friend. He was at the meeting and had no idea when it will over. We decided to go to my brother house, also at Wangsa Maju, where we will spend a night there to rest. Before that we decided to go to Carrefour for lunch and to buy portable fan for us to use at my brother house. Then we headed to my brothers house, he and wife were working but we had the house key, so there was no problem.

At my brother's house we rested for a while. Then my business associate / friend called informing us that it was possible to meet on that day. So it was a rest day for us.

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