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9 January 2012 - Penang To Genting

Well been considering to put this entry quite a while actually. It about my life and also my beloved family journey. Just Anak Askar I already decided to talk about football and Manchester United. But what the heck, this is my blog so I can write what I want. So this was the story hahahhaa......nothing special actually.

Adam Harith, my son,  kept asking me about Genting Highlands. He really want to go there.  I cant remember how the four years old kid had the idea of Genting but being Adam Harith he will keep asking until he were there. So we decided to grant his wish.

Actually we also had business things to attend so couple with Adam birthday on 7 January we decided to have a trip to Genting, Kuala Lumpur and Pasir Gudang. The whole trip would take us a week.

Adam was very happy, of course,  when we broke the news. He kept reminding us about cold jacket, shoes and also the date. He was so excited the he kept telling everybody about the trip. After celebrating his birthday with his friends then with the families, on 9 January, three of us off to Genting. Actually I  never been to Genting also. However my wife had been there for several times. We started our journey quite early that Adam still not awake. As usual he had his sleeping gadget at the back  where he had a comfortable snooze.

We reached Genting about a perfect time to check  in. It was raining and the visibility was limited. All I could see was the cloud. The white thing that hovering all the way that made me occasionally afraid. My wife told me to find the First World Hotel where we will spend a night there. I could hardly see the lights and the rain, although it was mild drizzle, had limited the visibility. Finally reached the hotel. It was so cold. Adam was jumping up and down. He loved hotel so much. He loved to spend time in a hotel.

Mimi, my wife and Adam, off for check in while I had to find the parking. Again I had to difficulty to find the way as the signboards were covered with clouds. 

We check in, Adam as usual quick to his ritual. He climbed the bed then jumped up and down. Then he laid down on his stomach showing his approval on the mattress. After having our packed lunch we decided to go to the place that in everyone mind if at Genting, the Theme Park. Really have fun there. Adam was so obsessed with the bumper car. Lost count how many times he went around to play it. At night we went there again and again it was the bumper car that Adam spend the time most.

Best time spend together and Adam made me promised to come again.

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