Friday, May 18, 2012

Hails The New Champion of England

Man City clinch the title in dramatic fashion

Well all already knew about it. Congratulation to Manchester City and its supporters. Hard  for me as it was the noisy neighbour that been crowned as the champion. It would be much easier if it were Chelski or Arsenal or even Liverpool. 

It may be went as the best season for the English league with full of drama but for me not for English football. Manchester City won the league by the power of money. The instant success that once path by Roman Abromovich of Chelksi. In contrast with Man United that believed in breeding young player. This was happen to Serie A. Once very lucrative league in the world. The place where most players wanted to be.But now become less attractive but the biggest negative impact was on the Italy national squad. The Azzuri was unable to form a good squad and the biggest head ache for 1994 world cup was to find good midfielders. They that time only had Dino Baggio to rely on. Luckily Italy had Roberto Di Bagio to lead them to the final. Until now many Italy teams had rely too heavily on foreign players. But Man City still had the balance squad in term of English and foreign players though the local mostly used as fringe players.

However it was who win that matter. Again congratulation to Man City. Red Devils surely strengthen their squad. Hopefully Kagawa will join Man United. The Blue Samurai player also been dubbed as Messi surely will add more power in Man United squad. And if Hazard chose the red of Mancurian then Man United will be more colourful in term of their plays. Now it would be good if Man United could add Rodwell of Everton to their team too. Scholes and Carrick would not be long. If Pogba stay then squad would be fine, if otherwise Rodwell must in.

So let see how the teams in BPL look in a few month before the new season kick off this August. Man United will not spend in extravaganza style but surely in wise way as it always be.

Glory Glory Man United

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