Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pogba Story: The Battle Continues

Italian media say Pogba has no intention of signing a new Manchester United contract
14 March 2012

Another day, another twist in the Paul Pogba story. It's getting hard to keep up with all the claims and counter-claims but seeing as we started then we'll see it through. The general reaction from Italian media to news in England that Pogba was imminently signing a new contract has been to dismiss it.

For example, Calciomercato's editor, Gianluca Di Marzio, told Sky Sports Italia earlier this week that the deal was far from dead. He continues this theme in his weekly editorial which sees him comment on transfer speculation.

"Pogba, the French talent with Manchester. The agreement between Raiola and Juve was reached some time ago, lacking only the signature. And optimism has not decreased that much, after the news arrived from Manchester: there is confidence in the player's decision, no intention to sign a new contract with Sir Alex."

With comments like the above and ones we posted yesterday it's clear that in Italy the Pogba to Juventus deal isn't dead, which is in stark contrast to what has been reported here in the UK, with newspapers reporting he was ready to snub Juventus and put pen to paper with Manchester United. 

Like we said yesterday, Italian journalists such as Gianluca Di Marzio seem a bit miffed that their Pogba to Juventus story is now being dismissed and whilst they could simply be refusing to leave a sinking ship, their stubbornness could equally suggest confidence in their sources. And it was in Italy that the Pogba to Juventus stories originated way back in the first half of last year.

The custody battle continues...

Seemed that Sir Alex Ferguson will not let go Pogba atleast easily. After tussled with Le Havre to prise the young Frenchman, Man United will not let Juventus spoiled everything that been done. Sir Alex really rated Pogba very high and acknowledged this young man potential. So he still hope that Pogba will stay.

After seemed losing a battle to keep Pogba, eyebrows were lifted when he played as substitute in the game against West Brom. Thus people assumed that Pogba still not sign any contract with Juve. Sir Alex also made strong statement saying that Pogba is the first time player. Thing got more interesting when there was report that Pogba already sign a new contract with Man United last Monday.

Now the Italian press refuted that however mentioned that all terms had been agree what left just Pogba signature. Now it become dispute between press of both country. Well Pogba surely made a lot of headlines lately.

Latest headline he is included in the team that travel to Spain for a second tie match against Bilbao.  

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