Thursday, March 8, 2012

UCL: Barca 7-1 Leverkusen

Messing Up Leverkusen

Barca hammered Bayern Leverkusen in much one sided game. The game also saw Messi scored five goals that confirmed him as the world best footballer. Messi set a new Champions League record, scoring five goals as Barcelona demolished Leverkusen 7-1 on the night and 10-2 on aggregate.

Already lost of words to describe Messi. He had showed again and again that he is in the class of his own. Just looked at all the goals his scored in that game. All were pure genius with sheer class. It also showed the level of Messi intelligence in football. He is so calm and able to think wisely in very short time. While the ball at his feet nobody could anticipate what he going to do next. Players on the field together with spectators in stadium or in front of the TV had to wait anxiously what going to happen. Whether he wanted to make pass, creating an opening for others or for himself or made a goal attempt. His control is exquisite. From a volley or grounder the ball will quickly glue to his feet. A slow pace then suddenly into changed to faster. While the opponents watching his dancing feet in order to anticipate his next move, out of blue the ball already at the back of the net. And best of all if he is in full burst towards goal mouth nobody would dare to touch him. If there any attempts he would evaded gracefully as if nobody in front of him.  

He is truly remarkable player. Barca was lucky and good enough to have him. He was born and nurtured as Barca, same for the most of Barca’s player. They all been instilled with Barca philosophy and mentality.

Well done Messi and Barca. The World Best.

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