Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting Closer

Clinical Finishing Beats Tottenham

Man United
Jermaine Defoe 87’

Wayne Rooney 45’

Ashley Young 60’

Ashley Young 69’

It was the game that Tottenham hope to rebound from heartbreaking loss at Emirates last week. Though it was hard game as their opponent was the reigning England champion, Man United, Tottenham knew only win could heal the wound. They started brightly by bossing the game right from the start. Pinning down the champion until the visitor seemed gasping for air and looking desperate for space to breath from unstoppable onslaught. Their dominance was evident and thought there rewarded with a goal from Adebayor quick thinking back heel. The goal was resulted from clever run from Aaron Lennon on the left wing. He snuck past Phil Jones and delivered a pass to Saha who then produced thunderous shot. However the ball hit Adebayor on the line but his quick thinking put the ball behind Man United through back heel. However the goal was disallowed after he judge to handle the ball. A talking point here. I believed he the Togo striker did it clearly without using his hand.

But what made the different between these two clubs was the clinical finishing. It showed, against the run of play Man United scored from Rooney header. Young was fouled by Sandro. The England who scored for his country against The Netherlands few days ago, himself took the free kick. Eventually Spurs conceded a corner. Again Young ran to take the corner. He swung the ball in and Rooney amazing manage to lose himself from his maker headed down the ball before bound into the empty net. Brad Freidel had no chance what so ever. It was cruel for Tottenham as it right before half time.

After the interval Tottenham continued what the left in the first half. But again the clinical finishing made the difference. Tottenham players were caught napping by allowing Nani to run with ball resulted from a throw in. Nani surged forward into the dangerous area then centre the ball in. Young was unguarded at far post. Still a lot of work to be done, we brilliant adjusted his body to kill the ball with fine scissor kick. The ball past few players and went to the back of the net. 2-0 and this time surely had their moral down.

Young not finished yet. As Tottenham tried to recover the winger delivered the final blow. Collecting a pass from Evra he moved ahead at the left wing. Then he cut inside towards the goal. Tottenham players were to slow to close him down. Finally he produced a world class shot that curled beyond Friedel that nested in the top corner. Defoe’s goal was merely a gift as it was Man United mistake presented the chance. However it was too little too late for Spur.

Man United now two points behind the league leader Man City. This kind of performance surely showed why they are champion. Also differentiate between good team with better team. A team that took their chances surely the much better team.

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