Monday, December 12, 2011

Trip To KL

It was Friday when wife suddenly suggested a trip to KL. She came out with the idea when we were talking about my mother who mentioned to me she was been so lonely. Her neighbours were also been quiet lately. The silence of surrounding made her kinda creepy.

So my lovely wife suggested KL where in the same time we could visit Rayyan our latest addition in our family, son of Dikman my youngest brother who stayed in KL. So I called my mother and conveyed the idea and as my wife anticipated she was thrilled. So we decided to leave my mother house on 10 pm Friday.

So we finished up our things and as it was Friday the traffic jam towards and on Penang Bridge would be horrible. We tried to leave the office early but not granted as we had to send a Bangla for work. Dont like this Bangla but it is our job to make sure he go to work. However this mean that we will stuck at traffic jam. I sped as fast as I could to avoid jam. Got lucky that day the traffic was not so heavy but still a pile up.

It took me about 1.5 hour to reach my mother's house. My wife quickly did the preparation as usual. This was not a first time we made this kind of impromptu decision. There was a time when wake up in the morning and we decided to go to Cameroon Highland. Also there was a time we decided to take ETS train at Ipoh and headed to KL.

It was really beat up after the jam. I decided to take a nap while my other half prepared everything, as usual. At 10.30 my Adam Boboiboy gently woke me up. He was ready for a night trip to KL so my wife and mother. They all just waited for me. I rushed to bathroom to fresh up. Then we all ready to go.

Then I drove our Vios towards KL. Only stop at Simpang Pulai for natural call and had hot tea. Arrived at Wangsa Maju Seksyen 4 at 2.58 am. Dikman was there to welcome us. When arriving at this time in the place like Wangsa Maju flet  the main problem would be parking. As all were tired I rushed up and down to carry thing from the car to my brother house. Luckily he stayed at level 1. When all cleared I had to find myself a parking. I had to park a little bit far from the house. After praying the safety of the car I rushed back to my brother house, of course to sleep. And did not take long for me to had beautiful dreams.

Next morning we decided to had jalan-jalan after Dikman told us that his parent in laws only in at the evening. Dikman son and wife temporarily stayed at Kajang, Dikman parent in laws house. My wife suggested Tropical Colmar at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. I agreed. So off we go while Dikman went to Kajang. It was not that far as I thought it only took us 20 minutes to reach there. Again it was winding road that prompted Adam to ask me why 'asyik ke kiri ke kanan..Adam pening la".

When reached there Adam as usual ran aimlessly  where my wife also as usual had to chase him. It is a beautiful place. We when to that Japanese place where Adam almost effortless ran up to the hill. My mother due to her age had to stop few times. Then we visited the French Village. Nice architecture and very picturesque. We spend few hours there until our stomach cried for food. We decided to have our lunch at Genting Sepah R n R.

Adam was thrilled to reach there not because of the place is beautiful, but due to the his favourite big M - McDonald. He insisted to have McD while my mother, wife and me being truly Melayu, were longing for nasi campur. So my wife went to McD with Adam while my mother and me continued our quest for Nasi. While searching the desired stall I received a distress call from my wife. She was short of 40 cents for the bill. I quickly ran for the rescue leaving my mother alone. Arriving there I saw my wife eyes were read and she told me that Adam, being  Adam, had ran away from her while she was taking order. She could not do anything except pray. Adam saw a mini playground in the restaurant and had decided to leave his mother. I could see that Adam was played actively when I reached there. I gave the 40 cents and ran back to my mother. Quickly get the meal for my mother and me, we headed back to the McD. Adam was still playing under watchful eyes of my wife. Then bought meal for my wife so she could has her launch.

Our plan then was straight to Kajang but I was too tired. So decided to go back to Wangsa Maju to have a rest first. Then I called my another brother that stayed in Ampang to come to Wangsa Maju at night to take us to Kajang. That night we were in Kajang and played with Rayyan. When back before 11 pm to catch Manchester United game against Wolves. 

Next morning we headed to Penang but still had one more pit stop. Sungkai hot spring. We only reached Pokok Sena at 7.15 pm. 

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