Tuesday, December 20, 2011

QPR 0-2 United

United keeps the pressure on City

Impressive performance by United although the score lines should be much better. United beat QPR at Loftus Park to increase the pressure on their noisy neighbor. Rooney scored the first goal after 52 seconds and Carrick added the second after the interval with fine individual effort.

It was much better United performance against the newcomer of premier league. Though United dominating the game QPR wasn't given their visitor to have an easy time. United should score more if not because the fine display of QPR third choice keeper. He kept out Jones one to one attempts the most memorable would be the double save first from Rooney then the follow up by Valencia.

United seemed to have the solution for the midfield crisis. Jones and Carrick combining well at the heart of field. The won the battles diligently, providing decent pass, won tackles, timely interception and providing cover for the back lines which been done superbly. Carrick especially read the game superbly where he intercept Barton pass then move forward. He kept his running towards QPR goal and when find the gap he shot to score United second goal. It was a little funny when Ferguson said he will fine Carrick for leaving his position to score the goal. Carrick replied that he had no problem to pay as long he scored goal like that.

United should lift their game now as the league is heading to Christmas that fall on Sunday so there will a game on Monday for the boxing day game. The return of Hernandez and Berbatov obviously a good news as United preparing for gruelling games in December.

Glory Glory United

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