Monday, December 19, 2011

Boboiboy - Terbaekkkk

The best from Malaysian

Ying..Yaya..Gopal dan superhero kita Boboiboyyyy.

I really like this animation series. In fact my whole family love it especially my only son Adam Harith. He would be four years old on 7 January  next year. He loved everything about Boboiboy where sometimes he will impersonate the character together with the lines from the series. He will start with 'Boboiboy kuasa tiga' and walla his is Boboiboy and with all the powers inside him he will attack his imaginary foes. As for me he will give the tok abah character or sometimes Gopal. While his mother definitely had the cute and sweet Yaya.

This is very good and fine product made by Malaysian. The animation is very beautiful and the characters were well crafted. The story line was easy to understand with smooth continuation. I do not have in dept knowledge regarding the production of animation but what I know as ordinary people, this is very interesting and great animation. I enjoyed every minutes of it and could hardly wait for the series to start every week.

Congrats!!! To Animonsta Studio. Keep up the good work

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