Tuesday, November 1, 2011

UCL Preview: United vs Otelul Gulati

United  marching on

After flying high in the beginning of the season with luck on their side United finally faced the reality. They been struggling all the time this season. They played bad against their opponents but still earned three points. That what United have that other teams lack. So agreed Mancini of Manchester City.

Now against the minnow in the UCL and playing at Old Trafford United must bring their supremacy back by playing their own game at highest level. They captivated and amazed their opponents by displaying interesting style of football. In the same time being ruthless that bring shivered to their opponents. Their counter attack simply caught other team breathless with a few touch that ended the ball found the net. This new team still have lot to catch to be the same level with previous generation.

I believed United needs a player could control the tempo and change the game when needed. There was Scholes who suddenly up beat the tempo then slow in down and out of nothing made it fast again. Cleverly seemed to have this criteria but injury had limits him.

Ferguson once again will make changes on his team. Vidic is suspended. Young and Smalling are injured. So Ferdinand will partner Jones or Evans as centerbacks. Evra on the left and Fabio that been use peripherally will has the rightback slot. The flankers would be Nani on the right with Giggs or Ji Sung Park on the left. Fletcher who been under par will continue to occupy the midfield together with Carrick. Rooney will partner Hernandez as twin strikers. I'm hoping Valencia would play instead of Nani. Other player that I hope to play is Owen. He is still the best in this business.

So Glory Glory United

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