Friday, November 11, 2011

Ferguson Hair Dryer Treatment

What Is Ferguson Hair Dryer Treatment

Lot been heard regarding this hair dryer treatment by Ferguson. So what this treatment all about. Did this Old Grand Master used the hair dryer to punish his players or Ferguson used hair dryer  to scare off his stars. It is very interesting  to know, surely.

So the internet searches revealed the following;

It was Manchester United star Mark 'Sparky' Hughes who came up with the phrase hair-dryer to describe the way that Ferguson sometimes gets so close to players when he is berating them they can feel the warmth of his breath on their faces.

The Scot has never apologized for his uncompromising managerial style, however, and believes the "hair dryer" is an essential technique for keeping his players in their place.

“There are a lot of myths. One of the papers once claimed that I used to go behind the stand at East Stirlingshire and practise screaming. But there's an element of truth in it," he told Inside United Magazine in 2006 in remarks reported widely by the media. "The hairdryer thing was started by Sparky, he owned up to it after he left. I can understand that because of my policy in the dressing room. When somebody challenges me in there, I have to go for them. I believe you cannot avoid the confrontation." source

This is also interesting

He has a fierce competitive spirit and a temper to match. Players have described the "Ferguson hairdryer" when he blasts them in a head-to-head tongue-lashing. But he has the ability to measure the qualities of the players he has nurtured and (as the club became wealthy) expensive players he has brought in. He is well known for being dour and getting a smile is like a getting sunshine on a wet Glasgow Fair weekend. A workaholic, he often works an 18-hour day but he does own a racehorse and campaigns for Tony Blair and the Labour Party. He also has an innate honesty which comes over during the many interviews he has to give to the media.

'The hairdryer is part of the myth and the circus. It's completely exaggerated, like throwing the tea cups.
'But I'm a confrontational character and I don't like people arguing back to me. I think that's where the hairdryer treatment came from.' source

So it is clear enough what is hair dryer treatment - It is the way Ferguson lashed his anger. 

Mark Hughes statement quite funny as he said
"He would stand nose-to-nose with you and just shout and bawl, and you would end up with your hair behind your head."

However according to Steve Bruce
Sir Alex Ferguson's infamous "hairdryer" treatment is designed to examine the mental strength of a player as well as show anger at his performance. 

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