Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Malaysia Defend Gold

Malaysia 1-1 Indonesia (FT)
Malaysia Won Penalty 4-3

It was the moment all the Malaysians waiting for. It is beyond races, religions, age and political ideologies. The moment where all Malaysians leapt into the air with joy, diffusion around Malaysia in self chosen places, filled with of true satisfaction after Harimau Muda defeated the host nation Indonesia in 2011 Sea Games football final.

Malaysia was the underdog the tag that our team had no complaint about it. And Indonesia who really wanted the gold to fulfill the dreams of millions people as they had not won it for two decades. Expectations was high, hope been in the air with prayers so the nerves the fuelling Indonesian players. But still the arrogant covered Indonesia media and its people. So confident they can wallop Malaysia team. While hostile reception continued not only towards Malaysia Team but also the supporters.

Their act cordoning bus that ferrying Malaysia team showed they did not know the meaning of sporting spirit. It also portrayed their level of civilization and education somehow not at the respectable stage. No respect at all and no courtesy as host nation. Shame on you Indonesians.

Then again showing their no tolerance and patience, this time towards their own people, a stampede occurred. According to reports, two people were killed and a nine years old boy was left in a coma. An AFP reporter at the scene said hundreds of people were packed tight against ticket barriers as police closed the gates shortly before kick-off late on Monday, with many fans inside forced to crouch in aisles and walkways.  

So when there were reports saying that a stampede was normal at major sports, religious and entertainment   event showed something must been wrong with Indonesian people. Security must not be comprised, it must be at the top of the list.

It was not surprised when chef de mission of Myanmar, which will host the next SEA Games in 2013, has criticised organisational standards and said conditions at the opening ceremony in Palembang were "not safe". They poised to do much better than Indonesia.

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