Friday, November 4, 2011

Ferguson 25 Years In Charge

Sir Alex Ferguson we salute you

WE'RE saluting Alex Ferguson this week as he celebrates 25 years in charge of Manchester United.
Many of the game's great and good have congratulated the Red Devils boss on his outstanding achievement, including Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish.

Platini  on Ferguson….is one of football's true champions.

FABIO CAPELLO (England manager)
I remember meeting Sir Alex in Rome. When we were  eating lunch and having a coffee, he said to me: 'Fabio, I've done something really crazy. I've bought a young player for €54million - his name is Wayne Rooney. I must be mad. If he's not a good player then they'll kill me.' He found himself a really, really good player.

 JOHN TERRY (Chelsea and England captain)
I was 14 when Sir Alex invited my family and me to watch Manchester United play West Ham at Upton Park. We watched the game from the directors' box and I'll never forget how Sir Alex introduced us to the team at the pre-match meal. He sat me down between Paul Ince and Eric Cantona and told them to take care of me and make sure I got the autographs and  photos I wanted. I'd been travelling up to train at United with David Beckham. I'll never forget how well he treated my family that day.

VIV ANDERSON (Fergie's first United signing)
My first game was a pre-season friendly at Hartlepool. We had Turner, Moran, McGrath, Duxbury, Strachan, Robson, Whiteside, Olsen and Hughes in the side, and by half-time we were 5-0 down! That's the first time we saw the hairdryer. He went around each of us  individually telling us what he thought of us and the veins in his neck were sticking out. Welcome to Manchester United!

For me, he's a great manager and a great man. He is the reason I signed and a big reason why I'm still here

He's the sole reason why I was successful. He gave us everything we needed to become the players and the men that we are today.

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