Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kroenke In Defense of Glazers

Stan Kroenke: If I was a fan I’d love the Glazers!

ARSENAL supremo Stan Kroenke has launched a fierce defence of the Glazer family at Manchester United. He reckons Old Trafford fans should be grateful.

The Glazers are hated by a section of supporters for plunging the club into debt to finance their takeover — while increasing ticket prices by 42 per cent since 2005.

But Kroenke, the Emirates' majority shareholder, insists fans should not moan as United are the country's top side on the pitch and in terms of revenue.

American Kroenke, who has paid £500million to take control of Arsenal, said: "The Glazers have won things. And they have increased revenues by a huge amount.

"If I was a fan of that club, I would go 'wow'. Because how could you do it any better?"

Kroenke owns US sports teams but has not taken money out of them. In contrast, United's debt is about £500m and the Glazers have taken £16.1m in management fees.

But Kroenke believes there is nothing wrong with owners making a pile.

He said: "We have a whole different philosophy in the States. In the States, you would never get this dialogue. Jerry Buss took money out of the LA Lakers. So what?

"Did the Lakers win anything? Well, yeah. How big's their revenue? Pretty darn good."

Kroenke, speaking for the first time at length since joining the board in 2008, also defended the sale of Samir Nasri to Manchester City.

He said: "That's where being smart and not being smart comes in when you've got one year left on a player's contract."

This is in the opinion of businessman. Basically it is true what the Arsenal supremo said. But United is more than a club that made profit. It is heart and soul for the people that support this club. The tradition, history and uniqueness make it different against the others. It is the proud of Manchester and the people around the world that love this club.  

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