Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ryan Tunnicliffe

Another Young Starlet

Probably many of us especially United fans already fed up issues revolving Paul Pogba and  Ravel Morrison. Both are very talented and gifted players. So their refusal to penned new contracts had attracted many big clubs that interested to sign them. Recently Morrison said had caught Real Madrid attention. Losing them should hurt United as they are hot prospects that could contribute to United supremacy in premier league.

All eyes on them but many said to overlook to another gem in United youth squad. He is Ryan Tunnicliffe. He is hard-working, tenacious midfielder that be described as the next Robson, Ince or Keane. Strong in the tackle and he is technically very, very good - which is why he has also been used in a number of different roles in United's youth system. He also had very good passing although he seemed like to keep it simple. He just 5ft 10 but that would be a problem as long as he had burning desire to play for United.

I was hoping Pogba to play since United had crisis in the midfield but it seemed not going to happen. So maybe this is time for Tunnicliffe instead.

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