Friday, January 20, 2012

Match Preview : Arsenal vs United

Sunday blockbuster between two big clubs in England. Two clubs that not only possess winning characters but also mesmerizing the world with their beautiful game that been such a trademark for both. Though I would agreed that Arsenal played much more beautiful, however it was United that set a standard that later be the benchmark in English football. United under guidance the old grandmaster Sir Alex Ferguson had transformed the English typical football style into more interesting to watch. United played more possessive football that emphasized ball controlling and passing, then combined with speed and skill that mold together  with variations in attacking. Thus awareness, imaginary and vision are also being the important elements. Arsenal was then still the boring boring Arsenal, that used their fullback to attack from the flank. But now Arsenal is a par with Barcelona in term of beautiful football.

Arsenal vs United never a dull encounter. Always played in high tempo with fluid passing from both side. Both team had big character where the game always consider massive.Anybody in the team could emerge as a game winner. And nobody will forget the 'Battle of Buffet'.

Arsenal had came a long way after the humiliation at Old Trafford in early season. The defeat of 2-8 was never cross in most people mind. Even Ferguson look stunned and at times he seemed to feel this should not be happen to Arsenal. United was in great form at beginning of the season while Arsenal was struggling. But Arsenal came out stronger after the match and later it was United that having difficulty. Now they facing each other once again in the second round of the league in the game that promise excitement and nerve breaking sentiments. 

I believed Lindegaard will play. The backline would be Evra - Evans - Ferdinand - Rafael. The impressive Valencia and unpredictable Nani will be the wingers. Scholes experience is much needed here so he will play partnered by Carrick. Rooney and Welbeck will be the twin strikers.

Park Ji Sung also should play as Arsenal was his favourite haunting ground. He loved to score against the Gunners. Nani also the same. His performance seemed to peak when against Arsenal. We could see from his skills and goals where sometimes people alleged him of showboating. But for me it was confident and little bit arrogant. However Valencia cannot be left out. His is the best performer so far for United. He and Nani had the highest assist for United to date with seven assist.

For wrap up let see these statistic;

1. Before this game United had won 84 games, lost 67 and drew 42 games against Arsenal from total game of 193.
2. United only conceded six goals on away games.
3. Rooney scored his first Premier League goal, his first Premier League goal for United, his 100th Premier League goal and his 150th goal for United in all competitions against Arsenal.
4.  United have won seven and lost one of their last nine matches against Arsenal in all competitions.

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