Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FA Cup 4th Round Liverpool 2-1 United

Liverpool Achieves Double On Manchester

Dirk Kuyt scored late to see his team edged United 2-1 in pulsating match in the FA Cup tied last weekend. It was a major blow for United who was much better side on that game. Two mistakes resulted two easy goals for Liverpool. It was again De Gea that on the sportlights. His trouble with crosses again made him vulnerable. The first goal easily been pointed as his fault though the second one he should done much better. However as a goal keeper the second goal would be blamed one the lapse on concentration. United backlines were caught napping.

United seemed to loss control when Scholes was been replaced. Liverpool was the first to have a go when Daglish boldly changed his tactic for more offensive. Neither teams wanted a replay so both looking for a win. And it was Liverpool that succeeded.

However the game was over my expectation as it was interesting to watch. No major incidents and talking points. Both teams poised to the talking on pitch which was applauded.

Two down (three actually) two more to go.   

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