Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Arsenal 1-2 United

Wenger To Blame?

City and Tottenham grabbed the highlights this season with their superb performances so far. And their encounter that saw City edged Tottenham 3-2 also was entertaining with many dramas and incidents. However it was still Arsenal vs United that topped the bill in BPL games. Arsenal went down 1-2 against their arch rival in front of their faithful that later surprisingly voice their resentment towards Wenger.

In was a great game to watch. English game at their finest. According to the statistics Arsenal had 14 attempts on goal while United only had 9. However Arsenal only managed three shots on goal while United had six. 

In the game with many great moves it was United that scored first. In the dying minutes of half time Valencia headed home after receiving a cross from Giggs. But Arsenal got back into the game in the second half. It was Van Persie attempts that gave the sign. Rosicky stole the ball in United half after Smalling slipped then trusted forward. He then squared the ball to Van Persie but luckily for United he blasted it wide. Arsenal getting stronger after that. However it was United that almost had the second. A long ball played Welbeck through. He shrugged off Arsenal last defender and slipped ball past through the goal keeper however it was cleared off the line by Mertesacker. Then the Emirates roared. Fined tackle from Mertesacker on Rafael broke United attacks. Then ball cleared diagonally towards Rosicky that quickly send another pass towards Oxlade Chamberlain who had empty place that been left by Rafael. He moved forward then made a reverse pass to Van Persie and the Ducthman with his caliber will not waste the chance. It was typical Arsenal counter attack.

The Emirates surely believed that game had turned into their way after the goal. United also slowing their game with Rooney positioned himself in the midfield. Then came the moment of truth. Arsene Wenger made the change that stunned not only the Emirates but also Van Persie. Oxlade Chamberlain was taken out and replaced by out of favour Arshavin. To make thing worst it was Arshavin sloppiness that created United second. He was been far away from Valencia when United winger received the ball. Then he was easily beaten and more awful he showed no seriousness to stop Valencia. With such calmness Valencia rolled the ball to Park Ji Sung who then returned the ball. Showing his class and awareness in spite made an attempt on goal he passed the ball to Welbeck who made no mistake to slam the ball home.

Not sure why Wenger brought Arshavin on. He must had reasons. But the decision was not approved by many. For the first time the crowds were against him. This was absolutely unexpected. There will be callings for his resignation for sure but who will be able to replace him. His is among the best in Europe if not in the world. Though I not supporting Arsenal but I love to see him stay.

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