Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Euro 2012:The Best Edition

Who Will Be The Champion

Due to workload that recently increasing, my time seemed limited. Time for blogging was also hard to reserve. Hope and pray that all my efforts are worth it. I had the liberty to watch the games in Euro 2012 but my body already tired that made me felt sleeping was more important. But I did catch few games and the last one was between France and Spain.

This is a game where Spain showcased their strengths, skills and style of football. Spain showed the world that they were the first team in the world that could play without out and out striker. Just like Barca actually but  the Catalan giant had Messi who could finish any moves created. Their aimed was kept the ball and win  the midfield battle. Spanish midfielders were almost everywhere and most importantly they scored. France seemed had no answer. They tried to match their opponent by putting more defensive players but backfire as this had gave Spain more control of the ball. Spain won 2-0 and advanced to the semi.

Germany was another team that relatively had no problem to advance into the semi. Their opponent Greece gave all they had but still had no match against very discipline, well organize and compact team of Germany. This is the best team that Germany had recently. They also had very in depth team. Just put any player in the field and they will deliver. Greece gave a scare when they equalize but that only sparked more determination inside the German players. They hammered their opponents merciless. Germany advanced into the semi with 4-2 win.

Portugal another semifinalist meanwhile had to broke the stubborn Czech defends in  last minutes before sealed the winner. Ronaldo again in great form. He was almost unstoppable. Running the flanks he mesmerizing the opponents. He had the most try in the tournament. In the games against Czech he had few tries hit the post until finally he scored. Beside that the Selecao also had great players in Nani, Moutinho and Meireles. They  all at best right now. Same also with Pepe and Coentrao. They were rock solid at the back. Since the golden generation of Luis Figo, Rui Costa, Sergio Conceicao, Fernando Couto and Paulo Sousa that  reached the semi-finals of 2000 UEFA European Football Championship and were runners-up four years later, this current team is almost in the same level. Portugal reached the semifinals after beating Czech 1-0.

The final slot in the semi was filled by the Azzuri who beat the Three Lion in penalty shoot out. England had many fans especially in Malaysia. Many Malaysian supported England. I believed this due to the popularity of BPL and English football and teams had been exposed to the Malaysian more than others. I did not support England. Their style is predictable and boring. I only supported  them in 1990 world cup where Gazzamania started. Beside Gazza there were many talented players like David Platt, John Barnes, Chris Waddle, Gary Lineker, Bryn Robson, Peter Shilton and many more that cant remember.

I believed Malaysian if you ask could name all the players in the premier league. From Man United to QPR. But not in Serie A, La Liga what more Bundesliga. Yes BPL is so famous that in 1994 world cup in USA, the organizer was sacred that the tournament will be less interesting without crowd puller England who was not qualified for that edition.

Again in the game against Italy the fare badly. Italy deserved to advance into the semi final.

Now who should win. I still believe it will be Germany.

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