Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hait...Kagawa .................

After losing Eden Hazard to Chelski, Man United quick response was to capture Shinji Kagawa. The Blue Samurai who help Dortmund with double domestic title said to be perfect for Man United.

I really like Hazard but his attitude that made people guessing which club he will play next season did irritate me. He claimed that he chose Chelski over Man United because he was interested with Chelski project. Another report claimed that higher fees posed for his agent was the main factor. SAF few times expressed his displeasure regarding the negative influence of agents and their exorbitant fees not only for the players their represent but also for themselves. The Man United gaffer also had demonstrated that he will not entertain excessive demand by the agent. That was why Man United paid the lowest commission for agents against Chelski who seemed to spend at their will.
I used to prefer Hazard than Kagawa but after seeing the Japanese in action (especially from Youtube), I believed Hazard and Kagawa are equally talented. Both are master in dribbling thus had very quick feet. They are also very quick thinking but Kagawa ball control score more here. Hazard seemed always ready to burst forward while Kagawa knew when he had to. The composure also on Kagawa side with his clinically finish while Hazard always went for a beauty.

But I also cast doubt if Kagawa could settle down in England. If could do so he will be another legend at Old Trafford. From Kazu Miura, Hidetoshi Nakata to Shunsuke Nakamura there were no Japanese footballer that stamped their presence in Britain yet. Nakamura was almost there when he played for Celtic where he also scored against Man United in UCL.

Kagawa still young I believed he will succeed.

Eden Hazard
Shinji Kagawa
Club apps
28 caps 2 goals
30 caps 10 goals

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