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13 January 2012 - Pasir Gudang, Johor

The quest for fact and info. This was based on proposed project that I dreamed to implement in Penang. The only model existed is in Pasir Gudang. The project is called foreign workers enclave. Singapore already had their own foreign workers enclave located at various district. Their government put a big effort into this by enforcing set of laws and regulation regarding this matter. They need foreign workers but the kiasu citizen did not welcome the foreigners. So to protect both parties enclave was established.

Well enough about Singapore. I was in contact with Puan Zilfirhani from Iskandar Regional Development Authority or IRDA. She was very helpful in term of providing us with the needed information. And it was her suggestion and arrangement that able me to visit the enclave.

The enclave was located at Flat Perjiranan 8, Taman Air Biru, Pasir Gudang. I was told to meet up with En Haidir, a manager at MCM Reka Sdn Bhd a company that operated the foreign workers enclave.

So after having our breakfast at the hotel, where Adam yelled ‘nasi lemak tak sedap’, we headed to Taman Air Biru. It was so near from the hotel and the trip just took us not more than five minutes. Entering this neighborhood I found it was so serene with calm surrounding. It is residential area with many flats and terrace houses.

Our destination was easy to find as there was big wording at the block informing that is an enclave. En Haidir was on the way out when we reached there. He was about to send a foreign workers to the clinic after a small mishap. He kindly told us to wait for a while and asked a guard to entertain us first.  But Adam cannot wait. An active kid like him always wanted to run anywhere he likes. So I decided to send my wife and Adam back to the hotel. Adam really got into the idea of playing at the pool. So without any hesitation he jumped into the car and asked to be quick.

When I reached back at the enclave En Haidir still at the clinic. The dutiful guard continue with his tour explaining everything he knew about it. Then En Haidir came back and invented me to his office. In there he explained everything about the enclave. From the operations, obstacles to the behavior of the foreign workers. I had more information than I expected. Thanks En Haidir and MCM Reka Sdn Bhd.

I quickly back to the hotel as I had to check out. My wife already settled everything. When I reached there she was with her old friend, a teacher that teaches at Pasir Gudang. Marzilah had left Penang quite a while so I just let them took as much time they needed while I was busy chasing Adam.

Then we left Pasir Gudang. I was thinking to go straight back to Penang but my wife advice me to overnight at Wangsa Maju. So Kuala Lumpur it was.

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