Friday, June 15, 2012

Euro 2012: German 2- Netherlands 1

The Non Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman  originally referred to the myth or fictional of the famous ghost ship by that name. The legend has it that a ship called the Flying Ducthman was trying to round the Cape of Good Hope in the 1600s by flying into the teeth of a storm. Despite appeals from passengers and crews the captain stubbornly ignored all. Maybe due to madness and drunk or just plain arrogant, the captain  tried to steer the ship. Things got worse with mutiny on board. But the captain still refuse to turn around. He killed the mutineers and worst he cursed and swore the gods and said he rather sail until doomsday then sit out from the storm. The when the storm ceased a shadow appeared ( evil or satan maybe) and cursed the captain. The legend states, that because of this, he was forced to sail the seas forever and was never able to put into port. It is said that if you are unfortunate enough to see The Flying Dutchman, something terrible will happen to you.

Some people said the captain name was Flying Dutchman but some people had few news for the captain such Davey Jones a character in Pirates of Caribbean film.

Ok enough said about the legend. Nowadays the Flying Ducthman nick was given the person that excel or had big name in sport especially from Netherlands.

So what happen to Netherlands team in Euro 2012 definitely can't be called the Flying Dutchman. They were beaten 1-2 by the German in the second group game. It was hard game where only win that matter. Again the Dutch started brilliantly. The had more ball and made a lot of running. But against a discipline team like German that surely not enough.

Two great goals Mario Gomez stung the Dutch. Still they moved forward believing that they could emerge victorious. A superb goal by Van Persie put the Dutch back on the game. But the German stood firmed until the final whistle.

The Dutch really like to play with the ball rolling. They passed and moved. Sometimes too much with the ball. While Germans as usually like to hold the ball. The stopped before making any passing. Very quick closing down their opponents while the Dutch like an open play. This gave a lot of room and time to the German. The patience build up by the German did made the Dutch angry and thus lost the composure. And dodgy defense  by the Dutch been exploited well by the Germans.
Well although all hope might be gone they still had an outsider chance to advance. They needs to defeat Portugal with big margin and hoping that the German also had a big win against Denmark. If not the Oranje lovers will had to wait another years to see this team lift any trophy. 

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