Monday, July 2, 2012

Euro 2012 Finale: Spain 4-0 Italy

Tiki Taka Bring Down Catenaccio

What a game. Football at the best. A game between two great nation in football with different philosophy and style. Tiki Taka is phrase  to describe Spain's precise, elegant passing style while Catenacio or The Wall in Italian emphasized a strong  defense.

This two collided although Italy stuck to their promise  to play attacking football. As a result was an explosive and cracking game showed by both teams. And finally beautiful game won. Thus brushed aside some notion that beautiful games wont win any titles.

Spain showed why their are world champion and came to this game to defend their title as Europe Champion. Their game at their best. All their goals were perfectly crafted from superb visions and skills. Truly great goals.

Congrats Spain.

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