Monday, July 30, 2012

Finally..My Kiosk at Tesco Kulim

Alhamdullillah  الحمد لله

Thanks to Allah الشكر لله    

Finally after a long time of waiting all the hard work was paid. It was something that my wife and I wanted to do. Our very own kiosk and business. With the help of my dear friend Yan who sacrificed his saving to invest in this project, we all managed to pull ourselves together to make this kiosk successful. Though it just a beginning for more hurdles and challenges ahead, to watch this kiosk standing sturdy is meaningless. People might say it just a small matter but for us who struggle to made this project possible, arguable back to differ.

A lot of money, passion and planning involved. Decision changes in same time waiting although not in vain for the approval. In the planning we were hoping to open on the 1st May 2012. A Labour Day, an off day for most people. But that not came as in plan. So the new date was in proposed. 1st day of June 2012, a date within the two weeks school break. Again we had to postpone as the unforeseen circumstances had filled the proposed date. Then we decided to let things decided naturally, only then we made the decision on the launching date. Finally it was 8 July 2012.

On that date we all watched proudly as our kiosk officially open. Our kiosk that selling pickles under brand name of JERUK MADU PAK ALI was an instant hit. We all were caught by relentlessly customers that came to our kiosk. As the Pak Ali name already popular, people in Kulim just somehow waiting a kiosk to open there. And their prayers were answered when we opened our kiosk there.

Again thanks to Allah, the sales was very good. The daily sales never made us disappointed. Though we were afraid that Ramadhan will slow us down, but that never been the case. Our kiosk due to the law and regulatory had to open only from 3.00 pm not as usual 9.30 am. That not deters people to buy at our kiosk. Sales just slightly reduce but considering the length of business hours we operating, we would consider the sales was as usual.

Alhamdullilah with the help from three assistants, KIOSK JERUK MADU PAK ALI, is doing well. Thanks  to Tasha, Rahimah and Apit, our dedicated assistants, our mothers for their loving and prayers, our family and friend for kind supports and also prayers. And mostly to ALLAH.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Encik! :)

jan said...

thanks encik

Abu Redha said...

Tahniah..Saya berminat ngn bisnes jeruk ni, ble share step by step hingga berjaya buka kiosk ni?

Anonymous said...

tahniah saudara, saya berminat dengan design kiosk tuan. boleh tak saya guna pakai di selangor? please comment at

jan said...

saudara Abu Redha & Anonymous ...nanti saya email..atau posted kat cara dia kat sini

Anonymous said...

Blh bgtau saya prosedur untuk bukak kiosk dan cost?

AA said... berminat..leh emailkan sy detailx di

Israfil Merican Bin Fazil Merican said...

Salam dan tahniah..
Nama saya Israfil.
Saya baru mendapat peluang untuk membuka kiosk jeruk di Manjung.
Saya berminat dengan design kiosk milik tuan dan berharap tuan sudi berkongsi dengan saya.
Juga sekiranya saya dapat tunjuk ajar daripada pihak tuan, amat2 saya hargai.

boleh email saya di

Terima kasih

Anonymous said...

salam...menarik perniagaan sangat teruja dan berminat nak berniaga..boleh emailkan sy

SuperOrangkampung said...

Salam.Tahniah dan selamat maju jaya.Boleh kongsi step2 nk buka bisness ni.Email sy Terima kasih.

mrizal.abdullah said...

Salam…tuan..saya Mohd Rizal dari Permatang Pauh ingin mempelajari selok belok dan cara bagaimana nak bermula berniaga kiosk sepertimana kiosk tuan di tesco Kulim…kerjasama dan maklumbalas dari tuan amatlah saya hargai dan semoga perniagaan tuan maju sentiasa…..Boleh beri detail pada email saya