Wednesday, September 14, 2011

UCL Matchday 1: Benfica vs United

The hunt for Europe glory starts for the half red of Manchester. Against former giant of Europe. There is no more pushover teams in Europe. Thought it is relatively easy group for United any mistake could cause tougher route towards the dream final.

United is without Ferdinand and Cleverly. Evra and Evans said in doubts.  No sure about Vidic. So if without the Serbian United maybe would pair Smalling and Jones as central defender. In midfield United had a lot of choices. Carrick seems to be the choice to take Cleverly place. In attack would be no surprise. Rooney and the Little Pea.

Benfica had two players that I really admire. Both Argentine in the name of Juan Pablo Aimar and Javier 'the rabbit' Saviola. They are the best at their time. Combined with Juan Roman Riquelme they are the best on the field. They are invincible. Hehehehe.... but they are really great players. Hope to see Aimar and Saviola play against United. The was a time they I really hope Sir Alex signed one of them. 

The verdict Benfica 0-3 United

We are just one of those teams that you see now and then
We often score six,but we seldom score ten
We beat 'em at home and we beat 'em away
We kill any b*****ds,
That get in our way
We are the pride of all Europe
The cock of the North
We hate the Scousers, the Cockneys of course (and Leeds)
We are United, without any doubt
We are the Manchester boys

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