Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The secret of Rooney Fitness

Wayne Rooney uses zumba to step up game

WAYNE Rooney has joined the zumba dance fitness craze, and says it is the reason for his red-hot start to the season.
The Manchester United striker, 25, got hooked on the workout, which includes salsa, Bollywood and bellydancing moves, after taking it up during his summer break, The Sun reports.
Now he is throwing shapes three times a week in private lessons at home.
Wife Coleen Rooney, also 25, suggested Latin-inspired zumba as a way of staying in shape while on holiday. Other fans include Jennifer Lopez and Madonna.
A source said, "Most older players have taken up yoga, but Wayne finds it a bit boring. He likes zumba because it's energetic."
Rooney has averaged more than a goal a game for United this campaign, before a tweaked hamstring saw him miss the team's draw at Stoke City on Saturday.
"He reckons the extra workouts have been a major reason behind his sensational form this season," the source added.
"He feels really sharp and puts it down to the workouts at home. And he's learned a few dance moves, too."

So apa lagi nak tunggu. Rupanya ni la rahsia dia. Patut la fit semacam ja. Ingat minum jus katak macam Park Ji Sung.  Hehehe....keep it up bro

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