Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beck To United

David Beckham keen on a return to Manchester United
12 October 2011

DAVID BECKHAM says he would love to go back to Manchester United in a sporting director role.
Becks has seen Zinedine Zidane return to Real Madrid to take up an advisory and coaching post.

And when the LA Galaxy ace was asked about following former team-mate Zidane's lead he said: "I'd love to do that.

"The best memory of my career came in 1999, no doubt, when Manchester United won the treble.

"In my opinion, no club can repeat that feat."

David Beckham intentions to return to Old Trafford must be welcomed. He will contribute a lot to the club especially in the commercial aspect, if the board think he not suitable for technical thingy. He is good technically although he is not the best. But commercially he is the best in the world. No athletes had the appeal the way he had. 

From the internet source just look what he did to Real Madrid.

The effects of David Beckham to Real Madrid

Real Madrid's revenue from club merchandise, such as shirts, jumped 67 per cent in Beckham's first season alone, and climbed another 6.5 per cent in the year to June. Overall commercial income, which includes money from deals with the likes of Siemens, Adidas and Pepsi, which have all grown in value with the "Beckham effect", now stands at around £80m a year. Real Madrid also earned £48m (26 per cent of turnover) from match-day income (primarily ticket sales), £44m (24 per cent) from television, and £16m (8 per cent) from promotional activities such as lucrative overseas tours and friendliness, which have also become better earners because of David Beckham. And whereas Real Madrid's annual wage bill (£98m) now equates to 52 per cent of turnover, and is falling towards an expected ratio of 47 per cent next year.

With the financial improvement, Real Madrid is now the richest club in the world, beating Manchester United who won the title 8th consecutive years.   

The analysis was done in the year 2005.

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