Thursday, April 22, 2010

English League

Previously English football was very boring. Very predictable and physical. Offense usually came from the both flanks; from the winger and fullback. Then the lanky, big and powerful centre forwards will usual head the ball home. Or sometimes just ready to pounce the ball especially from the melee in front of the goal mouth. Of course long ball was the main tactic. Either to chase by wingers or the centre forwards. But still most of the people love English. Or maybe last time we were exposed too much with English football. Another league that known to people especially in Malaysia that time was Serie A of Italy. However many people found that Italian football was very boring. Till now I believed so. English game was played in very high pace and tempo. Then add on with physical, and people love it.

Last time another boring thing about English league was its regulation. Only three substitutes were allowed. As one usually a goal keeper, thus gave managers headache to choose the remaining two. Meanwhile jersey numbers also been fixed. Players don't have the liberty to choose the favourite number. So in one game the jersey numbers were from number one till 14. The jersey numbers usually tell the position of the players. Below is for typical 4-4-2 formation.

Number and Position
1 - Goal Keeper
2 - Right back
3 -  Left back
4 - Centre back
5 - Centre Midfielder
6 - Centre back
7 - Right Wing
8 - Centre Midfielder
9 - Centre Forward
10 - Centre Forward
11 - Left Wing

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