Sunday, November 25, 2012

AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. Title Defense Starts

Can We Do It

The moment been waiting finally here. Malaysia or Harimau Malaya will start their title defense by facing The Lions of Singapore. Tonite 25 November 2012, at 8.45pm Harimau Malaya will face tough opponents of The Lions not only to showcase the supremacy but also for  the pride and faith. Harimau Malaya had the critics heavily on them based from lackluster display in the friendlies. Defeats by Vietnam and Thailand made most fans worried. Then draws with Hong Kong and Bangladesh getting fans fear the worse.

Now fans criticised the players. Now they said the players becoming big ego, arrogant superstar but still there were modest critics by saying that pressures are mounting as title holders, and the players cant take it.

Well for me the battle will only start tonight. Lets hope and pray that Harimau Malaya will come out as the best. It is typical Malaysian that already write off the chances early. These are kind of people that not full hearted supporting the team. If the team lost they will say ' aku kata dah'...'dari mula aku cakap'. So what if they lost. Keep supporting them. When they emerged as champion we all salute them, praise them. But when they in the trouble we were not supportive.


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