Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Now He Wants Talk

Pogba puts Juve and Milan on hold
28 February 2012

Paul Pogba won’t consider reported offers from Juventus and Milan until he’s held further talks with Manchester United.

The teenage midfielder is out of contract in the summer and the two Italian giants have shown an interest in the 18-year-old.

“It is a precarious situation and a difficult moment,” the player’s agent, Mino Raiola, told The Independent. “It is up to the boy to make some decisions.

“We know there are some clubs interested in him, but Manchester United want him to stay.

“The club give the indication that they want to keep him and we are talking contract terms. There is willingness from both parties at the moment.

“We must finish first with Manchester and after that we will see other options – if they are there.”

Pogba moved to Old Trafford from Le Havre in 2009.

This is very talented young player. Worth every cents to keep him at Old Trafford. He said he love United and wanted to say but in the same time put the team at ransom. He already got a lot of admirers a long the world so the reason he acting this way must be the money. He is just 18, the way he acted, many people might said that he was frustrated been no able to play in the first team. Maybe he got wrong advise saying that he should earn more and play more. So this could be the reason he was reported rejected £20,000a week deal.

believed he should listen to what people in Old Trafford said especially Sir Alex. How could you gain more if your appearance for the first team limited. He should set Hernandez or Nani as a guideline or example. Nani especially is very patient. After long been overshadowed by Ronaldo he grab his opportunity wisely. He showed to the gaffer, his team and fans what he is capable to do. Now people more appreciate his talent and adored him. Now the reward he got is super bumper new deal. Same to Hernandez he let the talking on the pitch that resulted his wages been increase.

To be in the great club like Manchester United any player should be grateful. Take the time and when it come grab it wisely. Pogba still 18. I believed Scholes played for the first team when he was 20. So Pogba you better had clear conscience in your career. If it is money than better you go.

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