Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Kits On The Block

Picture Special: Nike unveil the new Arsenal, Barcelona & Manchester United kits
15 February 2012

The interweb got hot under the collar on Wednesday after a leaked pic from a Nike warehouse allegedly revealed next season’s kits for Arsenal, Barcelona and Manchester United.

Without any official confirmation from any of the clubs however, we cannot yet be sure that Gunners, Red Devils and Catalans will be sporting these uniforms next term. Many may see that as a good thing considering the new styles employed.

Arsenal’s shirt, or the sleeves to be more specific, seems to have copied Manchester United’s away kit from the 2010-11 season.

Barcelona’s kit does away with the Spaniard’s famous pin-strip jersey in place of a trendier blend of the Blaugrana colours.

The Manchester United shirt looks like a picnic tablecloth.

In addition to the attached picture, several videos have been doing the rounds in recent weeks claiming to show off the fuller range of kits that Barcelona and Manchester United will have next season.

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