Friday, January 15, 2010

Next - Against Burnley

Saturday game - against Burley. Hope no lacklustre performance from the devils. Reports say that MU in debts should not in the players mind. But very sad if Rooney had to leave due to management action. MU also said considering the option of selling Old Trafford Stadium then leased it back.

This is why most of MU fans against the takeover by the Glaziers. MU already at that time was very wealthy with very stable stock treading . But then the Glazier arrived. In order to made the take over succeed they borrow a lot of money. They bought shares until they managed to exercise the mandatory general shares. With all the shares the Glaziers able to made MU a private company. Tony Cascarino once said why MU fans made a lot of fuss about the takeover. He said Chelsea had benefited from Roman Abromovich wealth. Well, went Abromovich took over Chelsea he managed to clear the Blues debt but the Glaziers had created debt for MU.

 As usual Glory Glory Man Utd


Jaafar-Fezah-Izzati-(Izzah) said...

TQ Jan tolong updatekan pasal MU kat aku. Mmg lost la pasal EPL ni. TV mmg disajikan dengan bola bujur jer sentiasa. Shock News pasal MU in debt..betul ker?

jan said...

aku update kat sini ja ..mmg dalam huge debt pun sejak glaziers beli MU