Tuesday, April 9, 2013

165th Manchester Derby

Title in Touching Distance

Surely not the title decider match. It is more to King of Manchester match. The blue half of Mancunian will visit the legendary Old Trafford knowing title already slipping away from their hand. But the damage control needs to be done. They can’t afford to lose away to The Red Devils as if that happen the gap would be 18 points. Really embarrassing way to concede a title. What more to their fiercest rival.

As the Devils the comprehensive win over Man City would be a good medicine after crashing two major trophies – The FA Cup and UCL. Many said that Fergie had the best squad ever with and addition of Dutch goal machine- Robin Van Persie. But again the weakest link is in the midfield. Since the departure of Roy Keane Man United struggle in that area. They need the real enforce like Yaya Toure at Man City. The Blue midfielder is obviously the best midfielder in BPL right now. There were talks that Man United will sign Victor Wanyama from Celtic. Well after watching he played I believed he should be great addition to Man United. He controlled the midfield comfortably. He defended the backfour very well and he scored too. A perfect midfielder.

Back to the derby. I believed both managers will send the best team available. De Gea is getting better each day. So Iker Casillas remark “ He retires us all,” is becoming spot on. Hoping to see Ferdinand and Vidic at central of defense with Rafael and Evra as the fullbacks. Well rumours has it that Man United will sign Benfica centre-half Ezequiel Garay. The Argentinian is known for his aerial prowess and reading of the game, is the back bone of the Potugal outfit. After spending not so success three seasons with Real Madrid, his move to Benfica had rejuvenated his career. He was now among much sought after defender in Europe. Reports said that Barca also in line for his signature. Well the towering Garay should be direct replacement for Ferdinand. He is 26 so still young with many years ahead of him.

Vidic was reported unfit so most likely Smalling, as Evans also reported had an injury, will take his place. In midfield the evergreen Carrick together with Cleverley will partner at central of the field. Valencia will take the right flank. On the left Nani, Young, Kagawa and Giggs will fight to fill the slot. I believed Giggs will be given the honour. Devils need experience player for this kind of big games. In Attacks Rooney should claim his place back together with RVP.

So what is the prediction? I love to see Man United humiliated Man City with bigger scoreline. 7-0 perhaps hehehe. But 3-0 should be make the fans  very happy.

1992-1993: Manchester United to Aston Vila – 10pts
1993-1994: Manchester United to Blackburn Rovers – 8pts
1994-1995: Blackburn Rovers to Manchester United – 1pt
1995-1996: Manchester United to Newcastle United – 4pts
1996-1997: Manchester United to Newcastle United - 7pts
1997-1998: Arsenal to Manchester United – 1pt
1998-1999: Manchester United to Arsenal – 1pt
1999-2000: Manchester United to Arsenal – 18pts
2000-2001: Manchester United to Arsenal – 10pts
2001-2002: Arsenal to Liverpool – 7pts
2002-2003: Manchester United to Arsenal – 5pts
2003-2004: Arsenal to Chelsea – 11pts
2004-2005: Chelsea to Arsenal – 12pts
2005-2006: Chelsea to Manchester United – 8pts
2006-2007: Manchester United to Chelsea – 6pts
2007-2008: Manchester United to Chelsea – 2pts
2008-2009: Manchester United to Liverpool – 4pts
2009-2010: Chelsea to Manchester United – 1pt
2010-2011: Manchester United to Chelsea – 9pts
2011-2012: Manchester City to Manchester United – 0pts, 8 goals

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