Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sabah Standoff

Al Fatihah To The Fallen Heroes

Yes  it has been quite some time since my last entry. Been busy with own business that demanded me a lot of time and attention.  I really wanted to write frequently but have no liberty for it. But this time while waiting MU vs Real  match, I insisted myself to write. Not about MU but the standoff between our troops and Sultanate of Sulu followers that intruding our land in Sabah.

My hearts and prayers went to the eight heroes who died because of this intrusion by Sultanate of Sulu followers who wanted to claim their ancestral land. This was a very stupid way to claim any rights if there any, in this modern day. Still puzzle with their game plan. They surely know that cannot outmuscle Malaysian force with 200 people. This is not a Kungfu or Bollywood story. This is real. If Malaysian army crushed them with all the might we had what will that do for their so called struggle. International sympathies? I really did not think so. You came to our house uninvited then claimed something that impossible. And worse you killed our policemen. That made you a better man than us? Or this is how you wanted to claim something. That fact Sabah is under Malaysia and you had to face and take it with your heart. Ancestral thing had long gone. We Malaysian also lost our ancestral land to Thai and Singapore, and did we go to sent army to claim it. We live in modern world now. Please understand that. And for Filipinos who against our offensive attacks on the intruders you really don’t understand.

This is our land our sovereignty and our dignity. The intruders killed our serviceman first while our government been so kindly for you. Two deadline been given and yet you stayed stubborn. I supported my Prime Minister decision to crush them with our might. I’m not Najib fan and neither voted for his party, but he is my PM and supported his decision on this matter. And I believed most Malaysian if not all supported his decision regardless any political party.

When I heard the news of two commandos were killed in a skirmish, I really feel sad. I thinks  now I understand how their family feel right now. Then six more police died, the saddened went up higher mix with angry. Well my father was an army. He was in Rejimen Askar Melayu DiRaja or RAMD. If not mistaken he was attached at first at Satu Melayu. Be in the army my late father was very fierce person and I really afraid of him. And being so I was not so closed with him compared to my other siblings. May be I also was very naughty and stubborn. The malay say ‘jenis tak dengar kata.’

If got angry he could easily swing his green army belt at my body. And as body got used to it I could withhold the pain but still made me frighten with this green belt. So when he not at home I really happy hehehehe. But when he was not home made another person sad, anxious and restless. The person would be my mother. As an army during my kid years in the eighties, my late father still had to go to the jungle and fight the communist. My late usually told us “ ada operasi”. That meant joy for me as he will not be around sometimes if not mistaken for a week. Hahahaha seronoknya abah tak ada. But for my mother that was not what she wanted to hear. When I grow up then understand why my mother tried to cover her sadness when saying goodbye my father who was then with almost full gear. Why my mother was terrified to hear the knock on the door while father was on operation. Why her face changed when he saw army trucks moving in front of our rental house. She got more frantic when my father not coming back on the promise day.

My late father was away to fight the communist. That I was made to understand when I was a kid. What I did not know was how dangerous it was. What I knew when my father finished his operation he will bring back the ration or the food supply that was given to him. I really love the pineapple and powder milk. I will fight with my brothers for it. I did notice my mother face when he saw my father came home in the green uniform. She will smile profoundly. Yes she was.

I remembered asking my father about the long scar at his hand. For me it was like an art so beautiful crafted at his hand.

“ Cam mana abah dapat ni.” I sincerely asked him.

He replied “ Masa operasi.”

He really felt unease when we asked about his operation. But sometimes he shed a little bit stories about his operasi. Like they (the army) really afraid of booby trap. He said the communist were really good of this. To avoid this they must really, really aware with the surrounding (the jungle). Usually there were signs for booby trap. However the troops well much safer if there were Iban tracker in their squad. He said the late Kanang anak Langkau was among the best. He also told us about some code when talking in the radio. It was something that amazed me. And my father will try to memorize it until while eating he said these words. He also told us that his friends died in the ambush by communist in Sintok , Kedah. And also about his rushed to report back to camp after got married due to Tragedi 13 May 1969. No honeymoon at all.

Well enough of my story for now.  It was sad moment for us now when we loss eight heroes in the standoff. So stop all the politicking things, stupid remarks and tried to be hero things. The real heroes are fighting in Sabah.

The fallen heroes
1.       Insp Zulkifli Mamat (VAT 69)
2.       Kpl Sabarudin Daud (VAT)
3.       Superitenden Ibrahim Lebar – Cawangan Khas, Bukit Aman
4.       ASP Michael Padel – Cawangan Khas, Ibu Pejabat Daerah (IPD) Semporna
5.       Sarjan Baharin Hamit – Cawangan Khas, Ibu Pejabat Kontingen (IPK) Sabah
6.       Sarjan Aziz Sarikun – Batalion 14, Pasukan Gerakan Am (PGA) Tawau
7.       Koperal Salam Togiran – IPD Tawau
8.       Lans Koperal Mohd Azrul Tukiran – Batalion 14, PGA Tawau

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