Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rumours : Man United Try To Sign C Ron and Cesc

Both Players Are Sad

The rumours of C Ron wanted to go back to England had been circulated quite a time now. Now the rumours reignited again when C Ron admitted that he was sad and refused to celebrate his goals.  The player was said unhappy with his current pay but the most appealing reason that claimed came from his mouth that C Ron felt   he had no support from his teammates. That said was the reason his lost to Iniesta as Europe top player.

C Ron not ruled out any possibility of his return to Man United. He said he missed Old Trafford where he still contacting few Man United players especially Rio Ferdinand. He also admitted to watch Man United games if there were times. Sir Alex meanwhile had told the Glazer to take what it takes to bring C Ron back. 

So is there any possibility of his return? For me yes. He still have soft spot towards Man United. Sir Alex may not in Man United for long time, he surely wanted his former player that been nurtured playing for him once again. Same as C Ron he may wish to play under his mentor again.

So bring him back.

Now there were reports saying that Man United also tried to sign Cesc Fabregas. Ex Gunner's skipper said to be unhappy as he had limited time play. Though Xavi already in the 30's while Iniesta also almost joining the same age, both still at their best.  A tough competition for C Fab. Now with Alex Song also joining him, he could face stiffer competition.To accommodate C Fab both Barca and Spain played him more advance role. Sometimes as a striker. But the position not brought the best from C Fab. He is best at the central when get to pull all the strings. A truly genius midfielder with great visions and skills. Man United really need the kind of C Fab, a world class midfielder, especially  the legendary Ginger Price had no much time left.

So will he come to Old Trafford. I believed not. He came all the way with so much trouble to join his boyhood team. He even used his owned money to made his move to Barca possible. Though now Man United had signed his former team mate RVP that would not be the factor for him back to England.

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