Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blackburn 0-2 Man United

Red Devils Leave It Late

Last weekend my wife requested to spend a nite at her mother's house on Monday. That mean that I will miss the crucial game between Blackburn and Man United at Ewood Park on early Tuesday morning. This is because my mother in law did not subscribe Astro sports channel. I kind of reluctant at first but mother's matter must always be the priority. So I obliged.

This morning once arrived I switched on my desktop. It took a while before my desktop to boot. Well it is Pentium 4 powered microprocessor, way way out from its time already. Even to open the first page of Soccernet also took little bit time. My desktop really teasing me this morning. In the same time my heart hoping for the win in Man United favour. Then suddenly I saw Blackburn 0-2 Man United. Yeahhhhh....I screamed. My wife smile knowing that my team had won.

Well I did not see the game but really can't wait to watch it at Astro. I saw the highlights in the net. Valencia goal was something. He used outside of his boot to produce the unstoppable shot. That was thunderbolt and ferocious created through the combinations of high technical ability and skill. Young goal was more clinical. It needed composure and accuracy. In short both were great goals.

The highlights also showed saves made by De Gea. He like Evans had proved all the critics wrong. In the game at Old Trafford he was the one to blame after conceded soft goals. But now he was the one that kept Man United title hope well alive. Now I believed when Iker Casilas said about De Gea, " He will retire us all." Man United are strong at all department right now. De Gea brilliant performance will instill the confident to the rest of the squad. The midfielders will now had more confident to venture more forward moves. He certainly will become the world beater and Man United surely will have the world class goalkeeper again in same way as Schmicheal and Van Der Sar.

As for the tittle, only Man United will create the failure. The ball now at Man United court as for other there will be just hope.

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