Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Class of 92

Class of 92 After Winning FA Youth Cup 1992

At The Dressing Room

The Early Squad of Class of 92

Class of 92 Now and Then
The Class of 92 Squad
Kevin Pikington, Raphael Burke, Gary Neville, Phillip Neville, Simon Davis, John O'Kane, Andy Noone, Nicky Butt, Ben Thornley, Robbie Savage, David Beckham, George Switzer, Keith Gillespie, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Chris Casper, Colin McKee

I'm at the same age as Ryan Giggs who is  my favourite player. Seems like yesterday when the first I saw him play for United 21 years ago. The day I saw him playing I said to myself who is this guy who tried to take away Lee Sharpe place as the left winger. For me at that time Sharpe was the best winger for United and England. He was called as perfect crosser at that time where he had very high successful crosses where most of it finished by Mark Hughes. Later Giggs teasing run, dribble and vision attracted me and I had no qualm when he dislodged Sharpe.

I really love United especially the class of 92. When they were playing especially in the 90's the fans already sure the wins were already in the bag. What people wanted to see was the score. How many they will score. Beside that people love the way United play. English game in previous time actually was very boring and physical. But United had changed that. They had set a new benchmark for other teams to follow. Only Liverpool once near to United in term of playing style. Once called pass to feet.

After the Heysel Tragedy at Brussel  in 1985 which left 39 people dead and 400 injured, English teams were banned from European tournament for 10 years. However the UEFA lifted the ban in 1991-1992 in year which United represented England club in European Cup Winners' Cup. United qualified for tournament as the winner in England FA Cup.

I remembered watching the game live. Barcelona was the favorite with players like Julio Salinas, Micheal Laudrup and Ronald Koeman who was the team captain. Koeman had known for his powerful free kick where he always scored. And team had Johan Cruyff as their manager. While United had great partnership in their strike force.Hughes and Brian 'chocky' Mclair had scored many goals in the tournament. At the back there were Steve Bruce and Garry Pallister. At the heart of midfield - the great Captain Marvel, Bryan Robson. Only the less convincing was at the goal keeper - Les Sealey.

United won 2-1, both goals from Hughes. However the first goal should be Brucie's goal. Resulted from a freekick by Robson, Bruce headed the ball passed the goalkeeper. Hughes tapped the ball on the goal line to make sure. Then Koeman produced a thunderous free kick to score for Barca.

That was in 1991. Then came the class of 92. Beckham at el. They are the best.

p/s Gary Neville will be always at behind or left of Beckham. You guys could see from the pictures. Both are great pal until now.

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