Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank You Allah

I was totally broke yesterday. Only few cents in my pocket.  I did have some money before that. RM10 which I was hoping to use it for my breakfast this morning. But at 10pm last nite my wife had to go to his brother house. She started the car engine and found out the petrol indicator was blinking. The car had asked its tank to be filled. I had no choice to give her the RM10.

As usual every morning either me or my wife would drive her niece to school. When out at about 6.45am and passed through Caltex  where inside had Maybank ATM. I just glanced and hoping my salary is already in . Then passed the Maybank then I said to myself that I must gave the ATM a visit after this. About 7am I reached my sister in law house and waited for her daughter to come down. In my head, I was thinking if my account still empty I had to fast temporary until noon. As every Friday there will be free lunch provided by the company that I work at. That would solve my problem. Surely in the evening I will have my salary.

It already 7.15am and my wife's niece still not come down yet. I left my hp but still if I had it with me, it would be useless. Not credit or according to Adam 'top up abis yahh'. I dug deep in my pocket and waa laaa there was coins. Enough to call my wife.  I called her and she said 'Pikah dia baru bangun tidoq..dok kalut tu nak siap.' I reply ok and will wait for her. Back to my car and continued where I left. Still thinking about my economy. If I stayed like this, my life and my family would be in disorder. I had to have another job with higher pay. I had to start something to ensure the comfortability of my family. Then my thought went  back to my salary. I had to go to ATM to check. My salary is on every 26th  I was praying it was already in. Suddenly I heard a voice calling me. It was Pikah and she was not in her uniform.

'Pak Jang, Pikah tak pi sekolah hari ni. Pikah bangun lambat tak sempat nak siap dah.'

' So confirm tak pi ni'. I asked her for confirmation.

' A'ah tak pi. Sorry ek Pak Jang.

' Tak apa.' With that I drove my Vios. For Pikah Pak Jang was not mad at you. Just in my head was thinking about the ATM.

I reached the ATM. Few people were there. Acted cool so look cool but still lost the cool. I inserted the ATM card wrongly. The machine injected the card hehe. Than I inserted again....the display showed RMxxxx.xx. Hahaha syukur Alhamdullillahhhhhhh..

I  have my breakfast today. Thanks Allah.

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